One of the trickiest lawn care activities in early summer is weed control. The threatening herbs can pop up and sprout unexpectedly, suffocating your turf, flowers, ornamentals, and vegetables. Correct watering, fertilization, weed pulling, or pre-emergent treatments can help you keep weeds at bay, but they seem to be unstoppable in some areas. If you grow edibles or sensitive plants, weed killers are not always a choice. Our lawn treatments specialists in Mason, OH, are here today to offer you a quick guide on weed prevention without using harmful chemicals that can have a damaging impact on your soil or crops.

Avoid Bringing Weed Seeds at Home

The best defense against weeds is prevention. The wind, birds, and insects carry weed seeds, dropping them on your property, but you cannot make a stand against them. What you can do is avoid bringing and spreading even more unwanted weed seeds on your property. Our fertilization and weed control company in Mason, OH, has the following advice for you:

  • Don’t buy and plant in your yard potted plants you found sitting on nursery/supermarket shelves for ages. The longer they stood there, the higher the risk they come together with weed seeds ready to germinate.
  • Always ask your lawn care company in Mason, OH, to recommend reputable nurseries for potted plants, bring you safe ones, or inspect the new plants before introducing them into your landscape.

Mulch Is Always the Best Choice

If you cannot apply pre-emergent weed treatments on your lawn or you need an organic alternative to herbicides, you can always count on mulch. We talked about mulching before, but our experts in lawn treatments in Mason, OH, cannot emphasize enough the importance of proper mulching.

  • In case of bad weeds, our lawn fertilization company in Mason, OH, recommends inorganic or synthetic mulch. You can buy it from stores in the shape of plastic sheets, landscape fabric, rubber scraps, stone/gravel covers. Inorganic mulch is highly decorative, offering your lawn the protection it needs against rampaging weeds, wildlife, etc.

Professional Lawn Treatments

All homeowners know that it is best to perform weed pulling and proper lawn care maintenance together with eco-friendly soil treatments to keep weeds at bay. Moreover, many avoid disturbing the weed seeds so they can lie dormant without germinating. Such approaches are successful up to a point. For this reason, the best course of action against an early summer weed invasion is to ask for professional lawn treatments in Mason, OH. Our company guarantees the best results!