In fall, most homeowners go to their local garden stores, buy fertilizers, spread them out on their lawns, and they wait for the good results to occur. But, contrary to their expectations, something goes wrong. Instead of looking healthy and thriving, your lawn shows brown patches and a general aspect of illness. So what is wrong with it? Our experts in lawn treatments in West Chester, OH, are here today to explain what over-fertilization is, how to identify it, and what you can do to fix your lawn before it is too late.

Lawn Over-fertilization Symptoms

According to our fertilization and weed control company in West Chester, OH, some over-fertilization symptoms are very noticeable, while others are more subtle. The most recognizable sign that something isn’t right is the crust of fertilizer you see on the top of the soil. It is a great indication that you’ve put way too much. Some additional symptoms include:

  • The grass blades have brown or yellow tips;
  • Plants show limp or black roots;
  • Plants’ leaves show scorches or fertilizer burns;
  • After the fertilization process, you cannot see any growth, or you notice very slow growth.

The reason you observe these signs lies with the amount of salt in the topsoil. It makes it difficult for the grass to absorb water. In turn, it stunts growth and kills the plants at their roots.

How Did It Come to This?

Assuming you did not pour all your fertilizer at once all over the lawn, over-fertilization can happen in other subtler ways. According to our experts in lawn treatments in West Chester, OH, homeowners forget about soil aeration before fertilization. If you don’t allow the soil to drain well, fertilizers build up and cause root burns. Slow-release fertilizers are a better idea, but many people tend to add greater quantities when they realize they don’t see the desired results.

What Can You Do to Prevent Over-fertilization?

Before you fertilize your lawn by yourself, it is vital to follow the instructions on any fertilizer you purchase and respect the quantity advised by the manufacturer. Nevertheless, the wisest course of action is to fertilize your lawn – no matter the season – with the help of professionals. Experts in lawn fertilization, weed control, and lawn treatments in West Chester, OH, will apply only the substances and the quantities that will benefit your property. If you managed to hurt your lawn badly, our lawn care and landscaping company would help you implement a restoration plan.