A great way to keep your lawn in West Chester, OH, looking its best is to mow it regularly throughout the year. Mowing your lawn leaves behind grass clippings, and there are usually two ways to deal with them: leave them or bag them. The best thing to do with these grass clippings is to leave them on your turf, except for certain instances. Generally, you want to leave the grass clippings on your lawn to decompose. As they break down, they will release nutrients back into the soil that can fortify your lawn's health. It's also more beneficial for the environment if you mulch the grass clippings so less waste ends up in landfills. However, the few instances when it's better to bag the clippings is if your lawn contracted a disease or you have a pool and don't want them getting into it.

Grass clippings are good for your lawn's health.

The grass clippings produced after mowing are best left on your lawn in West Chester, OH. These clippings were once part of your lawn, meaning they are full of essential nutrients that are good for its health. By mulching them, you're allowing the grass clippings to break down and decompose so they can release these nutrients back into the soil! They can serve as a natural fertilizer that provides an extra nutrient supply to help your grass grow stronger and resist stressful conditions better.

Grass clippings also contain water. By letting them break down, they can hydrate your lawn and help it retain moisture better to survive hot, dry conditions. When you bag the grass clippings, your lawn will miss out on the extra nutrient supply and hydration that it could have benefited from!

Mulching grass clippings means less waste goes to landfills.

Grass clippings while mowing a lawn in West Chester, OH.

Another reason why you should not bag the grass clippings is because it's more environmentally friendly. When you bag them, these grass clippings will be collected in trash bags that only end up in landfills. They are already inundated with trash, and more trash going there will only do more harm. Opting to mulch the grass clippings is an environmentally friendly method of getting rid of them! Less waste will go to landfills, meaning you can reduce your carbon footprint while helping your lawn in West Chester, OH, grow lusher and greener.

Mulching the grass clippings means less effort on your part!

When should you bag the grass clippings after mowing your lawn?

Mulching the grass clippings instead of bagging them is generally the better option. However, there are certain situations where it's better to bag the grass clippings after lawn mowing. If your lawn has a disease, it's better to bag the grass clippings to keep the infection from spreading to other areas. This will help preserve the health of unaffected areas, so you don't have to exert more effort nursing an entire lawn back to health. The extra moisture from the grass clippings can also worsen the disease!

If you have a pool on your property in West Chester, OH, bagging the grass clippings would be your better choice. Wind can blow away the grass clippings, which can end up in your pool. Grass clippings getting into your pool can introduce several maintenance issues for you, so it's best to err on the safe side by bagging them.

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