Americans love their lawns, and they love them so much that they even have proclaimed April as the National Lawn Care Month just to remind everybody of the importance of a properly-cared-for lawn. Loving one’s lawn is an Anglo-Saxon thing after all, with the Brits also being constantly mocked for their national obsession with green turfgrass.

The Stats

According to a Harris Poll survey published by the National Association of Landscape Professionals in 2015, 83% of Americans agree that having a lawn or a backyard is important. Most respondents were also aware that a properly tended lawn is good for both their and their family’s health, their community, and the economy.

Per the said poll, 91% of Americans agree that having great landscaping in their neighborhood can help their home prices shoot through the roof and 81% unveiled that a good-looking yard can dramatically influence their decision to buy a property, or not.

The National Association of Landscape Professionals also found that even your neighbors (71%) care about living next to a house with a well-maintained lawn or backyard; and surprisingly, Millennials (75%) – one of the most entitled and lazy generations ever to roam this beautiful planet, love to spend their free time in a nicely tended yard.

Getting Your Lawn Back in Shape

With these stats in mind, our lawn care Lebanon OH experts want to lend a helpful hand to the confused homeowner whose old love for green grass has just been rekindled but they don’t know where to start.

April is a great month for trying to get your lawn to gently wake up after the winter slumber. Now is the time to get rid of the pesky crabgrass (if any), start regular weeding routine, prepare the lawn mower for the summer, and raking – no matter how appalling that idea might seem.

Crabgrass might look innocent, but its effects on a (new) lawn can be everlasting. As each plant can generate around 150,000 new seeds every single year, the plant is very prolific. In spring, crabgrass seeds start germinating, and those that have failed yielding a new generation of pesky plants will wait for the next year to do it. As a result, if left unaddressed, your crabgrass issues can multiply ad infinitum, wreaking havoc on the looks and long-term health of your lawn.

Fortunately, there are some solutions to stop crabgrass seed germination in its tracks, such as crabgrass preventers, which can keep your lawn crabgrass-free up to half a year while providing the good grass with enough nutrients to thrive.

However, make sure that you carefully follow label instructions when applying these products and that the timing is right. Our lawn care Lebanon OH professionals can be of great help here.

In April, you can also start raking your yard even if you did all the hard work of raking in the fall. Raking in the spring comes with plenty of benefits:

  • Getting rid of new yard debris;
  • Helping with the removal of dead turfgrass tissue, which can become unhealthy if it becomes too thick;
  • Helping prepare the lawn for seeding, as those thick clumps of grass that popped up in wintertime can become a real problem when seeding.

Ask Our Pros in Lawn Care in Lebanon OH for Help

If you have crabgrass issues, questions on how to properly do the spring raking, or just need somebody else to do all the hard work for you, don’t hesitate to tap the lawn service of our lawn care experts in Lebanon, OH. Get a quick quote for any of our services here or just call us at 513-874-3256.