After enduring a harsh winter in Ohio, your lawn and landscape will need some special care to restore them for the upcoming warmer weather. That's why you should schedule 3 essential spring yard cleanup services: plant trimming, debris removal, and mulch installation! By trimming plants, you can enhance their shape and appearance. It is also highly recommended that sticks, twigs, and other debris be removed to avoid blocking resources from reaching your yard. After plant trimming and debris removal, the last essential service you should schedule for your yard in the spring is mulch installation. One of the many benefits of using mulch in your garden is that it acts as an insulation layer, which is particularly advantageous for the temperature rise in the summer.

1. Plant Trimming

Trimmed shrubs and fresh mulch in West Chester, OH.

Trimming your plants in the spring is very important because it spruces up their appearance, which can otherwise become messy and unruly after the winter. Trimming your plants involves cutting back stray branches and overgrown foliage to maintain their shape and curb appeal. Not only that, but it also allows more sunlight to filter through and reach other areas, along with improving air circulation. By restoring their neat, pristine look in the spring, your plants can start the new growing season in great shape.

2. Debris Removal

If your yard has accumulated a lot of leaves, sticks, twigs, and other debris over the winter, spring is the perfect time to clean it up. Debris sitting on top of your grass can suffocate it and inhibit its ability to absorb much-needed resources. It also creates the ideal environment for pests and diseases to worsen, making it even more difficult for your lawn to recover from dormancy. Meanwhile, debris can make your landscape look messy and inhibit the health of your plants by blocking sunlight and oxygen. By removing everything that stands in the way of your yard receiving proper care, you help set it up for long-term success.

3. Mulch Installation

Mulch is a great ground cover for your landscape beds and essential for sprucing them up in the spring. Not only is it aesthetically pleasing, but it also provides numerous benefits to your flowers and plants when installed correctly. For example, the right amount of mulch can regulate soil temperature, retain moisture, suppress weed growth, and reduce erosion. In short, mulch acts as a natural shield that protects your plants from environmental stressors, giving them a better chance of surviving the changing seasons.

It's particularly good to refresh your mulch in the spring because your plants have just come out of winter dormancy. Fresh mulch will help keep your landscape weed-free, plus maintain ideal conditions for your plants to thrive. Additionally, you'll prepare them for the upcoming summer and all the stressors that accompany it.

Mulch consists of organic materials, so it breaks down over time and releases nutrients into the soil as it does!

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