Dormant lawns and landscapes do not need much work, or so you would think. If you managed to fertilize your lawn thoroughly before the first snow, then you are on schedule. However, if you still have time and the weather allows, you should call your experts in lawn treatments in Liberty Township, OH, and ask them what they should do for your lawn to ensure that your property stays healthy and thrives throughout the season. When it comes to winter lawn interventions, there is plenty to achieve. Here is what our experts in lawn maintenance in Liberty Township, OH, have to say about it.

1. Winter Lawn Fertilization

Fertilizing your lawn in winter before the first snow/frost is a crucial step in your strategy of preventing snow mold, promoting root strength and safety, and keeping some of the winter weeds at bay. When you discuss such matters with our specialists in lawn treatments in Liberty Township, OH, don’t forget to ask them about micronutrients as well. Our team can introduce into the soil small amounts of such nutritious substances to promote plant growth.

From case to case, lawn fertilization can also include a series of applications that aim to enrich the soil and give it a boost in strength and resilience against the elements. Our lawn treatment experts in Liberty Township, OH, can recommend you a combination of organic supplements and healthy microbes to enrich the soil and promote plant growth.

2. Anti-Desiccant Applications

In freezing temperatures, your trees, shrubs, hedges, and ornamentals risk losing their moisture, which, in turn, leads to damages. Ask our lawn treatments experts in Liberty Township, OH, to assess your property’s situation and, if necessary, to apply an anti-desiccant on the foliage. An anti-desiccant is a substance lawn maintenance experts spray onto the vegetation’s foliage to prevent excess water evaporation and drying.

3. Snow Mold Treatments

As much as one tries to prevent it, snow mold is an insidious lawn disease that leads to root rot under heavy winter snows. The fungus is extremely dangerous and needs specific treatment and interventions. During their regular lawn maintenance service in Liberty Township, OH, our specialists will inform you about the presence of snow mold on your lawn. If the situation requires it, they will respond appropriately to keep the fungus at bay.

If you need help with some lawn maintenance in Liberty Township, OH, ask our experts in lawn treatments in Liberty Township, OH, to come over for an assessment. They are more than happy to help!