When you look for a landscaping and lawn care West Chester OH company, what do you look for? A landscaping team offering a one-size-fits-all type of outdoor project or a firm able to adapt to the new trends and implement them suitably on your property? Today, our lawn care West Chester OH experts are here to tell you what to look for when you decide to hire a lawn care team depending on the upcoming trends!

An Integrated and Hi-Tech Lawn Service West Chester OH Company

By integrated, we mean a lawn care company able to cover all your needs, meeting and exceeding your expectations. The new generation of owners these days live busy lives. They do not have the time or energy to deal with multiple companies coming over their house to perform several different jobs. They need, however, one company to rule them all, one they can trust, and one that can take care of their outdoor environments from early spring to late winter.

The overall profile of such company includes the efficient use of technology. The lawn care and landscaping tech evolves in the same fast rhythm as computers, for instance, and your future lawn care service should use upgraded and new equipment, advanced software, and especially eco-friendly machines and techniques.

A Lawn Maintenance West Chester OH Company offering Environmental Monitoring Services

Speaking of eco-friendly technologies, next year we will see even more emphasis on preserving the environment. In other words, the new generation of property owners will look for lawn care companies that know how to offer environmental monitoring services on their lawns and landscapes. What does this mean?

You need people who have the know-how and experience to monitor the environmental conditions, stresses, and opportunities on your property and use them to help your landscape turn into a lush corner of paradise while protecting and enhancing the environment and the micro eco-system thriving on your property. Here are some points to consider:

  • Identification of lawn and landscape environmental stressors: drought, water saturation, extreme temperatures, pollution, and more.
  • Adjustment to the current environmental conditions and the implementation of lawn care maintenance services that are beneficial for both the property and the environment (organic fertilization and pest control, planting of pollinator-attracting flowers, etc.)
  • Recurrent soil evaluations and landscape adjustments.

A Lawn Care Company able to implement the 2019 Landscaping Trends

The year 2019 seems to be the Year of Outdoor Fun. According to exterior designers and landscaping architects, next year will revolve around an abundance of vegetation paired with highly functional landscape structures. If you are looking for a company able to satisfy your landscaping needs and implement the new visions on outdoor fun, here are some things to consider:

  • Hire a lawn care West Chester OH specialized in the tree and shrub care – as trees and shrubs will be all the rage next year, in asymmetrical and “wild” garden designs;
  • Look for a landscaping company able to offer you counseling on planting vegetable gardens and functional gardens (blending in aesthetics and utility);
  • Look for a lawn mowing company able to offer you “Pet landscaping” – specially prepared areas where pets can have fun together with the entire family (they should include pet-friendly turf, grasses, and plants, play areas, and more).

You can contact our lawn care West Chester OH specialists for a free estimate and put them to work, as they are always willing to take a new challenge!