Fixing mistakes at your job is time and resources consuming, not to mention how they impact your reputation. Why should it be any different with lawn care? Lawn care Loveland, OH specialists identified 6 major mistakes usually property owners make when they employ lawn care activities and they offer you reliable solutions to avoid making these mistakes further.

Soil Is Ignored

As the foundation of your lawn and garden, the soil should be your first priority. Using fertilizers without knowing its pH and watering it not knowing its water needs may lead to unsatisfying results. Test your soil with a team of lawn maintenance Loveland, OH experts and match your lawn care activities with the soil’s features and needs.

Fertilizers’ and Pesticides’ Are Misused

Soil needs fertilization if its pH is below 5.5. If it’s above this level, it needs specific fertilizers or no fertilizers at all. Synthetic products burn and harm grasses, while pesticides, if used without the proper care, can lead to harmful results and killing beneficial insects. Understand your soil’s fertilization needs and manage pesticides always according to the instructions and label.

Grass and Turf Are Wrongfully Chosen

Lawn care Loveland, OH experts often see homeowners choosing the wrong types of grass and plants. Understand what plants can thrive on your soil in your area’s climacteric conditions first. Next, plant the turf considering shade and sunny zones, local pests threatening the environment and the grasses’ vulnerability to disease.

Mowing Is Done Improperly

Lawn mowing Loveland, OH pros advise that you cut your grass blades no more than 1/3 of their height. If you mow the lawn lower, it stresses the grass and leads to burns and brown spots. Improper mowing allows weeds to grow faster and invites fungal infections or mold to thrive.

Watering When It’s Not Necessary

Many homeowners are convinced the lawn should be watered daily. But if you learned about the soil and the grass species you planted, you realize overwatering can turn into a problem. Instead, install drip irrigation systems which water the grass slowly, deep and healthy, preserving water resources and saving you money.

Timing Is Not Well Respected

Lawn mowing, watering, fertilization, pest and weed control, raking, dethatching, soil aeration and over-seeding are regular activities. But while some are daily or weekly ones, other need certain seasons or times of the year to be employed. Perform all lawn care and lawn maintenance at the right time with the right tools and you’ll have your green landscape thriving before your eyes.