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Red thread lawn disease in lawn in Mason, OH.

Lawn Disease Control in the Mason, Liberty Township, & West Chester Areas of OH

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We offer lawn disease control treatments in Mason, Liberty Township, West Chester, OH, and nearby areas.

We perform effective treatments to get rid of lawn diseases before they cause too much damage.

It's not fun to see lawn diseases spreading on your grass, especially if you've worked so hard to take care of it. It's disheartening, really. Luckily, we're here to save the day! We offer a reliable lawn disease control service that utilizes top-quality preventative treatments to ensure problematic lawn diseases never become a problem on your turf. Our treatments target common lawn diseases such as red thread, brown patch, and dollar spot.

We also offer a lawn care program that will get your lawn to its best health so it can fight off diseases. Our team offers these services to commercial and residential properties, as well as HOAs, in Mason, Liberty Township, West Chester, OH, and nearby areas.

We offer preventative lawn disease control treatments.

A technician spraying lawn with preventative sprays in Mason, OH.

When it comes to combating lawn diseases, offense is the best defense. The good news is that our team at Degree Lawn & Landscape is here to keep them from wreaking havoc on your lawn with our preventative lawn disease control treatments. Our treatments will ensure lawn diseases don't become a problem and provide your grass with an optimal level of protection from any damage diseases can cause.

Our Lawn Disease Control Treatments Are Effective Against Red Thread, Brown Patch & Dollar Spot

Brown patch lawn disease found in lawn in Liberty Township, OH.

Here in Ohio, there are various lawn diseases that can cause extensive damage to your turf. Don't fret! Our preventative treatments can target common lawn diseases, such as:

  • Red Thread: This disease is characterized by discolored and irregularly shaped patches on your lawn. When you inspect closely, you'll notice the patches have a red to pink cast. This disease usually appears in late spring to early summer.
  • Brown Patch: This is a common lawn disease that appears as circular patches with a dark margin. The worst time of the year for brown patch is in the summer when temperatures and humidity are high.
  • Dollar Spot: If you see dollar-sized spots of blighted grass on your turf, your grass might be suffering from dollar spot. It usually appears during the summer season in our area, where days are warm and nights are cool.

Help your grass resist lawn diseases with our lawn care program.

Aside from our preventative treatments, another effective way to protect your lawn from lawn diseases is by keeping your grass strong and resilient. Our team offers a lawn care program designed to strengthen your grass so it can resist lawn diseases. This program includes lawn fertilization and weed control treatments to help build up your lawn's resilience so it can effortlessly fight off turf diseases. We will also aerate your lawn as part of this program. Aeration helps your grass develop stronger roots, allowing it to store more nutrients that fuel healthy growth.

Our lawn care program includes preventative grub control and a lime treatment.

Maintain a healthy, disease-free lawn with our lawn disease control service. Call us today to enroll!

Lawn diseases pack a mighty punch that can negatively affect your lawn's health. Fortunately, we offer a lawn disease control service to ensure your turf remains healthy and disease-free throughout the growing season! Our team offers this service to commercial and residential properties, as well as HOAs, in Mason, Liberty Township, West Chester, OH, and nearby areas.

When it comes to taking care of lawns, there's no one better in our area to call than our team. We are equipped with the skills and training to look after your lawn's health so it continues to thrive all year long. Give us a call today at (513) 874-3256 to enroll in our lawn disease control service.