You want the perfect ground cover for your landscape beds in Ohio, but which is better: mulch or rock? Both mulch and rock are excellent choices for ground coverings and they both provide similar benefits. Some benefits include weed prevention and moisture retention! This can make choosing between the two difficult, but there are a few differences that might help you decide. Each option should be replenished over time, but mulch will need replenishing more often. Although rock will last longer, mulch provides nutrients to the plants in your landscape beds as it breaks down. No matter which ground cover you decide on, you can’t go wrong! The choice will ultimately come down to your personal preference.

Mulch & Rock Ground Coverings Provide Similar Benefits Such as Weed Prevention, Moisture Retention & More

A healthy lawn in West Chester, OH with a wheelbarrow and landscape bed with mulch ground cover.

Using either mulch or rocks for ground coverings in your landscape beds is an ideal way to improve the aesthetics of your landscape. Adding to the appearance of your landscape bed isn't the only thing these ground covers provide. Each offers some similar benefits:

  • Weed Prevention: Mulch and rock can help control weeds in landscape beds by suffocating them and blocking them from essential resources, such as sunlight.
  • Moisture Retention: A properly installed ground cover will prevent moisture from being evaporated, helping your plants stay hydrated!
  • Soil Erosion Control: Ground coverings can help prevent rain from eroding the soil in your landscape beds.
  • Soil Temperature Regulation: Mulch and rock regulate soil temperature, helping to keep it warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

The Main Difference Between Mulch & Rock Ground Coverings

While rock and mulch ground coverings offer very similar benefits, there are some differences between them. The main difference between these two ground coverings is that mulch decomposes over time and rocks do not. As the mulch breaks down, it releases nutrients into the soil. This is an added benefit of mulch. However, because mulch decomposes you will need to replenish it more often than rock.

Rock is a great option because it won't decompose over time. This means less maintenance since you won't need to replenish it as often as you would mulch. You will still want to replenish the rocks once the color starts fading or when the rocks begin to look worn down to refresh their beauty!

The most common time to replenish mulch ground coverings in Ohio is between April 1st and July 4th.

The Decision Between Mulch & Rock Ground Coverings Will Come Down to Your Personal Preference

Both mulch and rock are ideal options for ground coverings as they both offer similar benefits. The final decision will come down to your personal preference. Think about the overall landscape design you want. You'll want to consider your aesthetic preferences and how much general maintenance you're willing to do. If less maintenance is appealing to you, rocks may be the better choice. If you don't mind replenishing mulch and love the way it looks, go with mulch. You can't go wrong either way!

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