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Lawn Mowing in the Mason, Liberty Township, & West Chester Areas of OH

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Lawn Mowing in Mason, OH & Nearby Cities Like Liberty Township & West Chester

We offer our lawn mowing service from the early spring to late fall.

Mowing your lawn is one of the best things you can do to boost your curb appeal. A clean, trimmed lawn looks nice and improves the aesthetics of your home or business. However, cutting your grass takes a lot of time and energy, which is why you should leave it to our pros at Degree Lawn & Landscape. We offer our lawn mowing service to residential and commercial properties, as well as HOAs, in Mason, OH, and nearby cities like Liberty Township and West Chester.

When you sign up for this exceptional service, our team will mow your lawn weekly from the early spring to the late fall. While we typically cut your grass at a height of 3.5 inches, we can adjust our mowing height so that it is most beneficial for your lawn. But that's not all. We will also string-trim, edge, and blow debris off of your hardscapes at every service visit. If you're ready to get started, call (513) 874-3256 today to sign up for our lawn mowing service!

What is our lawn mowing schedule?

We offer our lawn mowing service throughout the growing season in Ohio. Typically, we start mowing lawns in the early spring, around late March or early April, and continue through the summer and fall. During the grass-cutting season, we will mow your lawn on a weekly basis so that it always stays neat and well-manicured. We don't usually put our lawn mowers away for the winter until Thanksgiving, once the temperatures have become so cold that your grass ceases to grow.

What is included with each lawn mowing visit?

Worker edging lawn after mowing service in West Chester Township, OH.

Our lawn mowing service includes more than just cutting your grass. We also perform several other maintenance tasks to ensure your property is in top shape, including:

  • String-trimming: We will string-trim areas that our lawn mower can't reach, such as around trees and fences, to cut down tall grass.
  • Edging: We will edge the perimeter of your lawn that is adjacent to hardscapes to create a clean, well-defined border.
  • Blowing Debris: We will blow grass clippings and other lawn debris off your hardscapes so they are spotless by the time we leave your property.

We have been mowing lawns in Mason, OH, and nearby areas since 1999.

At what height will we cut your grass?

Mower in lawn mowing lawn at a specific height in Mason, OH.

We typically cut your grass at a height of 3.5 inches since that is ideal for most cool-season lawns in our area. However, we will adjust the height at which we mow your lawn based on your specific turf type and the time of year. Our crew knows that certain types of grass need to be cut at different heights, so we will raise or lower our mower deck depending on the grass you have. We also factor in the weather conditions, since there are times of the year when it benefits your lawn to be cut at alternate heights.

Call today to schedule our lawn mowing service!

Are you tired of spending time and energy mowing your own lawn? If so, you've come to the right place. At Degree Lawn & Landscape, we can remove lawn mowing from your to-do list when you sign up for our professional lawn mowing service. We offer our weekly lawn mowing service from the early spring to the late fall and will keep your lawn in top condition throughout the growing season. We are members of the National Association of Landscape Professionals and the Ohio Lawn Care Association. Plus, we back all of our services, including lawn mowing, with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Don't delay any longer. Call (513) 874-3256 today to schedule our lawn mowing service!