Winter is the perfect season to get some rest after a full year of mowing and weeding. In January, nature seems to stand still and dormant. Nevertheless, this does not mean you should forget about your lawn and landscape altogether. After the holidays, take some time to consider some maintenance activities to prepare your yard for spring. Today, our experts are here to share with you their seven maintenance tips for the best lawn care in Mason OH during January.

  1. Engage in frequent cleanup activities: Your primary job during this month is to ensure there are no leaves and vegetal debris lying around your property. Rake them and brush them off, removing worm casts in the same time, making sure no weeds and mold take over your property.
  2. Walk around less: According to our specialists in lawn care in Mason OH, you should step on the frozen lawn as little as possible. Walking around on frozen lawns breaks the grass blades, turning the turf yellow or brown in spring and leaving empty patches.
  3. Gently aerate the soil: Normally, you should allow the snow to work its magic on your lawn, slowly watering it and acting as an insulator against freezing. However, heavy clay soil and compacted soil needs you, as water does not infiltrate properly. To ensure proper drainage on such grounds, use a soil aerator or a garden fork to make holes at 6-8-inch intervals. The gentle aeration of the land during this time of year ensures proper water flow and roots’ irrigation says our lawn care service in Mason OH.
  4. Prune some of your dormant trees and shrubs: make sure you do not trim the ones flowering early in the spring. Winter pruning comes with plenty of advantages, as we discussed before. Wait for a dry, warm day to remove the dead, dry, or diseased branches and twigs from your trees, shrubs, and hedges.
  5. Check the plants on your property: Make sure the stakes and the wires on newly planted trees stand straight and do not damage the bark. Also, if you have some tall, slim, leggy plants, stake them as well to protect them against wind and heavy snow. Some homeowners also take the time to cover some plants, trees, and shrubs with burlap for further protection against the elements. Finally, our experts in lawn care in Mason OH suggest you remove snow from your plants only if its weight menaces to break the plants.
  6. Apply desiccants to your newly planted evergreens. They will be thankful to you when the weather becomes warmer. When it comes to evergreen perennials, you should consider offering them extra protection against freeze damage. Use your Christmas greenery to add an extra layer of mulch for more security.
  7. You can also prepare for spring a little: have our pros in lawn care in Mason OH test the soil to see if it needs more nutrients.

Ask our Experts in Lawn Care in Mason OH for their Advice

With these tips in mind, we hope you will enjoy your January lawn maintenance activity. Remember to ask our specialists in lawn care in Mason OH for advice or help on any landscaping or gardening dilemma you have!