Everybody wishes to have easy-to-maintain lawns and beautiful gardens, especially this time of the year. But do you ever consider how eco-friendly the lawn care techniques and strategies you hire experts for, or apply yourself, are? Our lawn care Loveland, OH specialists have created a list of 4 useful tips that will make your lawn more environmental friendly. Let’s have a look at what Loveland locals should know about eco-friendly lawn care.

4 Tips on Eco-Friendly Lawn Care Loveland, OH Residents Should Consider

1. Soil Test Comes First
First thing to do before planning any lawn care work is a soil test. Lawn fertilization Loveland, OH professionals can tell you what pH level your soil has. According to its pH level, your soil needs special treatment. If, for instance, the pH value is less than 5.5, it will require a bigger amount of fertilizers. Ask your lawn care specialist for more information.

2. Keep Your Lawn’s Ecosystem Healthy
A healthy ecosystem translates into a diverse biomass, which derives from living organisms. What lawn service Lebanon, OH pros recommend is to create a rich biomass by planting in layers. This is incredibly beneficial for your yard or garden, as more oxygen is produced and more carbon sequestered. Above all, your native animals and local insects will contribute to keeping the ecosystem in good condition.

3. Plant Wisely
Another essential tip lawn and landscape maintenance Loveland, OH experts share with you is planting your grass and flowers in the right spots. There are plants that need more sun, while others grow well in shady places. If you want disease and stress-free, beautiful plants and flowers, make sure you plant them wisely. Always ask for advice when unsure of anything lawn maintenance-related.

4. Look for Grasses That Need Less Water
Do you know what is the best eco-friendly tip recommended by lawn fertilization Mason, OH professionals? There is nothing more environmental friendly than creating a yard that needs less water. What you should do is a bit of research before deciding on what plants to use as they have different watering needs. Also, inform about the ideal time to water your yard or garden. It is recommended to water your lawn early in the morning or late in the evening. Do not do it too often, though. There are plants that love a not so moist soil around them.

These lawn care tips are brought to you by your local lawn care Loveland, OH experts. Our landscape, lawn care and maintenance services are available in Madison, Lebanon, West Chester, Liberty Township, Mason and surrounding areas.