In March, spring is going to take over your lawn and landscape, and you should get ready for spring tasks. According to our experts in lawn care in Lebanon OH, you should avoid making some mistakes while engaging in some specific spring maintenance tasks. Let’s see today what you should do to prepare your lawn for the upcoming spring months!

Look for Lawn Damages

The first thing you should do when the skies clear and the temperature rise is to inspect the lawn and the property in general. Here are some specific things you should look for, according to our specialists in lawn care in Lebanon OH:

  • Look for areas affected by snow mold; in case you find such patches, ask for help from your local team of lawn care in Lebanon OH, as they can help you fix such damages efficiently;
  • Find areas with matted down grass; you should not rake matted down grass but use your blower to remove it. You can mow the lawn as an alternative. According to our experts, you should allow the mower blade to lift the matted grasses. For best results, repeat this for a few weeks. Almost 100% of matted grass naturally grows out – you can trim it with the mower. Keep in mind that hard raking will cause more damage than needed.
  • Find bare spots that may need reseeding. Such an important task may require support from your lawn service company. Bare grass spots and exposed soil patches attract weeds. To avoid entertaining crabgrass or other weeds to take advantage of such places, you should consider reseeding very soon. If you are serious about weed prevention, check the areas along or adjacent to concrete, pavement or landscape beds carefully.

Begin Preparations

Early spring tasks allow you to prepare and maintain a lush and healthy lawn all year long. March is the month when you discuss with your experts in lawn care in Lebanon OH and design an intervention schedule together. When it comes to preparations, here are some you need to consider start March:

  • Check out worm castings and remove them accordingly before the first lawn mowing activities;
  • Soil core aeration should be on your mind; for best results, discuss the matter with your team of experts. If you aerated the soil last month, you could think about overseeding, fertilization, and weed control;
  • You may also want to consider light lawn topping (use the highest setting);
  • Clean and sharpen your tools, buy seeds and bulbs, and make sure you integrate into your yearly lawn maintenance plan some landscape revamping and remodeling.

Get Help from our Experts in Lawn Care in Lebanon OH

Upon inspection, you may notice different problems on your lawn after a long hard winter or get new improvement ideas as you check things. Instead of dealing with problematic and sensitive issues such as soil aeration and fertilization, pest control, or proper early spring mowing, ask your experts in lawn care in Lebanon OH for their help. Allow our lawn service company specialists to assess the situation and include your property into a more extensive lawn care and maintenance program.