We are sure you welcomed the cold season; if not for the happy holidays, we all love, at least for the fact that you can put aside your yard and garden work for a while. However, our experts in lawn care in Liberty Township OH have a few lawn maintenance recommendations regarding winter tree and shrub care. In their opinion, winter is the best time to trim and prune them – and they will tell you why today!

1. Trimming and Pruning the Shrubs and Trees in winter has Plenty of Benefits

We know everybody dreads the cold temperatures and the discomfort of working outside in winter, but if you are ready to make that effort, here are some of the advantages of trimming and pruning your shrubs, hedges, and trees this season.

  • Since the shrubs, trees, and hedges lack foliage, you will see better their shape and structure. Thus, you can better assess the dead or diseased branches you need to cut, the unaesthetic growths you need to remove, and the areas you need to treat;
  • Vegetation lies dormant in winter, so your shrub/tree pruning activities do not interfere in their natural processes;
  • In cold temperatures, diseases, fungi, and pests also lie dormant. It is the best moment to trim your trees and prevent the invasive activity (cuts equal wounds) to entertain the spread of diseases to the entire shrub/tree or the nearby vegetation. Until spring, your shrubs will have plenty of time to heal and burst into healthy blossoms and foliage next season;
  • When you remove the dead, dry, or diseased areas of your shrubs, trees, and hedges you limit the spread of fungi or pests to the entire landscape;
  • When you prune and trim your bushes, hedges, and trees in winter, you take a burden off of them; in other words, removing the debris allows them to preserve their energy for healthy growth and yields next spring.

2. You Should Limit Your Shrub and Tree Pruning to Only some Varieties

You should not prune trees and shrubs in winter if such varieties develop bloom buds during the cold season because you reduce the number of blossoms and leaves to grow in spring. Usually, you should allow early spring flowering trees to bloom first.

  • Here are some shrubs and trees you can prune in winter and even late winter: azaleas, chaste trees, crape myrtle, hydrangeas, or smoke bushes.

Pick a sunny, warm day – or at least a mild, dry one for your pruning activities. Make sure you always cut at the nodes and begin with the dead and diseased branches and twigs first.

3. Don’t Hesitate to Ask Our Pros in Lawn Care in Liberty Township OH for their Help

Instead of spending a few days in the cold and risking damaging your trees and shrubs (if you are new to lawn maintenance and landscaping), rely on our masters of lawn care in Liberty Township OH for their help. We will come over, assess the situation, and prune your shrubs, hedges, and trees professionally. Sit back, enjoy the holidays, and let us prepare your yard and garden for a fabulous spring!