Frugal landscaping is an emerging trend, lawn care Lebanon, OH experts tell us. It represents a strategy of cutting down lawn maintenance costs while upgrading and improving the aesthetic value of the property and its functionality as well. Frugal landscaping is suitable for large or medium properties which take a lot of work, money and time to tend to. Landscaping Lebanon, OH professionals also consider that frugal landscaping turns a garden or a front yard into a more versatile space, as long as the core rules and landscaping principles are followed.

You can call in expert outdoor designers in your area as well to advise you on the best strategies to employ to both have a lush, original and beautiful landscape and save some money in the process. Let’s see a few landscape Lebanon, OH expert ideas, tips and tricks to achieve exquisite frugal landscaping.

1. Create Flower Beds of Native Plants

Plants already growing in your area are adapted to the climacteric conditions and won’t suffer weather changes. Moreover, they are used to the soil and need little care in terms of fertilization, watering and special treatments. They are also resilient to local pests, thus saving you a lot of money with fertilizers, watering, and pest and weed control. To choose the best and most beautiful local plants and grass species, consult with your local landscaping Lebanon, OH company. Installing flower beds also saves you money and time as you minimize the turf area which needs to be mowed, nourished and treated.

2. Use Flower Beds Frames

To cut down the grassy space that needs mowing, you can frame flower beds with stones, bricks and block edges.

3. Insert Hardscape Elements

You can also create a beautiful landscape by building stone walkways or a stone “island” and organize an outdoor living room with the proper garden furniture. A water fountain or a wooden deck also cuts down mowing time and money, not to mention it ads beauty and space in the garden.

4. Design Sand Gardens of Oriental Inspiration

Also known as Zen landscaping, sand gardens use sand, gravel and stones, creating an eerie, fascinating space which needs no traditional lawn maintenance. It saves you water, fertilizers, mowing costs. You can add small lush flower pots and oriental decorations for a breathtaking look.

5. Plant Different Species of Grass

Monocultures are more vulnerable to pests and weeds, landscape Mason, OH experts say. Mixing grasses and plants ensures evergreen patches of turf, and save you pesticide and herbicide money on the long term, as it also protects the soil and keep pests away.