Fall is the season of retreating inside the house while planning visits to the local pumpkin patch and planning for the upcoming holidays. Nevertheless, you should not forget about your yard, either. It is the season to engage in a thorough fall cleanup session to prep your lawn and landscape for the spring, avoid unnecessary problems (like diseases or pests), and enjoy a lush, healthy yard next season! Today, our experts in landscaping in West Chester, OH, discuss the fall cleanup checklist all homeowners should keep in mind.

1. Clean Out the Debris

According to our specialists in spring & fall leaf cleanups in West Chester, OH, fallen leaves and weeds create the perfect environment for disease spread and pest activity. Clear out flowerbeds of all vegetal debris and pay attention to rose leaves, as they can entertain diseases over winter.

Rake the dead leaves in rows and collect them on a tarp. As we have mentioned before, please do not throw away fall foliage, but transform it into nutritious mulch for flowerbeds or trees. Alternatively, you can run your lawnmower over the leaves in your yard and shred them into the tiniest bits possible so they could act as lawn and landscape organic fertilizer.

Now it is also an excellent time to cut back dead branches from your trees and shrubs, prune overgrown hedges, and trim your perennials without risking them to bloom. Turn the vegetal leftovers into mulch or compost if they do not present signs of diseases or pests.

2. Clean the Vegetable Garden

Our experts in spring & fall leaf cleanups in West Chester, OH, recommend that you do not neglect your veggie garden or other cultivation beds, for that matter. Remove anything old and clean up the debris. According to our landscaping specialists in West Chester, OH, this type of vegetal leftovers works excellent for your compost pile or as mulch if you shred them well with your lawnmower.

3. Aerate and Feed the Lawn

While this is not a cleanup activity per se, our experts in landscaping in West Chester, OH, recommend you not forget to add aeration and lawn fertilization to your late fall to-do list. Aeration prevents water from pooling and guarantees that the nutrients reach the plants’ roots throughout the winter. Fertilization encourages root growth and weed control.

Ask our specialists in spring & fall cleanups in West Chester, OH, for their help with this season’s tasks, and don’t forget to maintain your yard in perfect order!