Summer is hot and the temperatures can truly make us feel desperate, but extreme heat is something else – and a problem we can’t really avoid. In terms of lawn care, seasoned homeowners know how to maintain their turf and grasses as little damaged as possible during summer, but draught and prolonged extreme heat may lead to disastrous outcomes for the property. Contrary to popular belief, watering is not enough to keep your grass sparkling green even in the midst of an extreme heat wave. This is why our lawn care Lebanon, OH experts are here today: they want to share some of their tips with you to help you keep your lush, thriving lawn healthy even if the scorching sunrays threaten to burn everything to the ground.

1. Lawn Mowing Tips

  • Don’t’ mow the grass too short. This is something seasoned homeowners know already and an issue we have discussed in the past. Lawn care Lebanon, OH specialists can’t emphasize enough on the importance of respecting your grass varieties’ recommended mowing heights.
  • Higher your lawn mower blades a little during a heat wave to allow the turf to keep its energy for growing, while you allow the soil to keep its moisture.
  • Don’t forget about the one-third rule – never cut more than 1/3 of the grasses’ height during one mowing session.
  • Never mow the lawn during an extremely hot day – the turf is under tremendous stress and you don’t want to stress it even further. On the contrary, mow the lawn after a rainfall or irrigation day to allow the grasses to recover.
  • Remember to refrain mowing the lawn the same day you watered the turf – such an activity may lead to clumping and you want to avoid that at all costs.

2. Lawn Irrigation Tips

  • Don’t overwater even if you feel it’s necessary – overwatering can lead to many lawn problems. Many homeowners water the lawn even after a rainfall and this can cause physiological problems for the microorganisms living in the soil, for the soil’s drainage process and for the plants’ roots (deprived of oxygen).
  • Water deeply rather than superficially – it is better to water deeply and less often than to water in a shallow manner every day. Your lawn care Lebanon, OH experts can help you install a smart irrigation system to fulfill all the watering needs of your turf without stressing the soil and the grasses, saving you water and effort in the same time.

3. Lawn Maintenance Tips

  • When you are faced with a serious heat wave, refrain from fertilization and cultivation activities (dethatching, aeration, planting of new flowers or shrubs etc). Fertilizers and extreme temperatures can damage your lawn beyond recognition. Cultivation activities unnecessarily stress the soil and the turf which need to preserve energy to resist the heat wave.
  • This is a good time to turn grass clippings into mulch and make sure your vegetation is well protected by a healthy layer of moist, organic mulch to keep the soil cool and the plants naturally nourished.