This year is going to be a very colored one and you can easily figure this out by reading fashion and design magazines. In outdoor architecture and landscaping such trends are also becoming more and more popular and lawn care Liberty Township, OH experts predict a very busy spring in offering homeowners the best ideas and the proper lawn management plans for them to add more colors to their front yards. Colors bring joy, fun and beauty – they can brighten up and liven up any outdoor space, turning into a heavenly garden. Our landscaping Mason, OH experts joined their lawn care Liberty Township, OH colleagues and came up with five ways of adding color to a property.

1. Flowers

Consider your front yard, patio, back yard and outdoor spaces as the perfect canvases you can create lush and gorgeous paintings on. Flowers make the easiest way to add color to your landscape. Ask your lawn care Liberty Township, OH specialists to pick the best and most colorful flowers for you. They can be planted in beds and flower rows, in container gardens, in a “wild” design, along stairs, pathways, around decks and so on. Add well-chosen flowers and enjoy the gorgeous blossoms all year long, having your family and guests become enchanted by the richness of color and scent of your property.

2. Turf

Grass itself can be the color you might want to add to your property. Pick different shades of green turf and grasses and create interesting designs where you alternate light green with dark green in a myriad of patterns. You can turn your front lawn into a chess board, alternating stripes, concentric circles, and funny polka dots. You can create curves and diagonals and so on. Playing with shades of green adds color, texture and contrast to your property, lawn care Liberty Township, OH pros say.

3. Trees

Ask your landscaping Liberty Township, OH experts to plant new trees, hedges and bushes around your property. Japanese maple trees, dogwood, smoke trees, magnolias, cherry trees are just the beginning. You can thus create a shadow on your lawn, privacy areas, and windbreakers and so on with the help of surrealistically colored trees, leaves and branches to enjoy all year long!

4. Vegetables and Spices

Vegetables, spices, and scented herbs make a great addition to any property, especially because you can enjoy their lovely ripe colors and their fresh taste. Plant tomatoes in veggie beds or containers, and add peppers, cabbage or berries – to achieve an exquisite look and many incredible Summer dishes. You can also plant scented herbs and spices to enjoy their small flowers and their awesome benefits as herbal remedies and food enhancers.

5. Insects

Beneficial insects not only add color to your lawn and garden but also movement, life, and happiness. We are talking about pollinators like bees and butterflies, companion insects like ladybugs and so on. They will protect your flowers and veggies from aphids and other pests while keeping your garden lush and thriving.