Longer days, more light and more heat mean the height of the growing season – but too much heat can wilt your summer enjoyment. Learn how you can make the most of the season with these summer lawn care tips:


Proper watering and water conservation is important at any time of year, but particularly when heat and a lack of rain lead to water deficits and drought. Evaluate your lawn regularly for signs of irregular color and texture. These can be signs of damage that may result from pests or disease. If your lawn isn’t a lush, uniform green, contact us for a Lawn Evaluation and find out what summer lawn care solutions we can provide.

Proper year-round Loveland OH lawn care keeps a lawn healthy and prevents weeds, disease and pests. But sometimes, insects you may not notice can travel from the yard to your home. To stop them, we recommend Pest Control to keep the bugs on the outside. You can also reduce their outside presence by treating the lawn for insects such as fleas and ticks and fire ants.

Increase Your Property Value Through Loveland OH Lawn Care

While lawns are generally the focal point of most yards, don’t forget about trees and shrubs. Well-maintained landscaping adds dimensionality to a home and increases its value. In the heat of the summer, you may be tempted to mow your lawn in shorts and flip flops, but our trained professionals remind you to stay safe by wearing long pants and closed-toed shoes. Also, no matter what outdoor activity you’re enjoying, be sure to stay hydrated with plenty of water. See our mowing tips for more mowing advice.

The essentials of good summer lawn care in Loveland OH are watering, fertilizing and proper mowing. However, sometimes an underlying problem (such as bare spots or severely damaged turf) requires additional measures.