All lawn care experts know that the secret to a lush, healthy lawn in spring is the yard preparation in fall. Many seasoned homeowners also know this; for this reason, they enhance their efforts this time of year. However, just as our experts in lawn service in Mason, OH, noticed, some people believe they have little left to do once that the temperatures lowered. On the contrary, fall months are the best time to prep your yard for winter, especially for the upcoming spring. So let’s see what our pros in lawn care in Mason, OH have to say about yard maintenance these months!

1. Keep Mowing

When it comes to lawn maintenance in Mason, OH, our experts insist on lawn mowing until the first days of frost. If you mow yourself, remember to cut the turf at an ideal 2½- to 3-inch height. Moreover, it would be best if you lowered the mower’s blades progressively until you reach the lowest height for the last two cutting sessions of the season. In case you have a team offering lawn service in Mason, OH, allow them to keep doing what they do best.

2. Keep Watering

In their experience, our lawn service pros in Mason, OH, met homeowners who stop watering their yards come fall. People think that nature should follow its course. They also believe that the chilly temperatures, rain, and weaker evaporation are enough for the grasses to grow. However, our lawn care experts in Mason, OH, advise you to make sure your lawn receives at least one inch of water per week. If it doesn’t, continue to irrigate the yard with the hose or via the sprinklers’ system you have on your property, at least by the end of October.

3. Aerate and Overseed

If you want full services of aeration in Mason, OH, together with overseeding in Mason, call our experts. Soil core aeration solves plenty of problems during the cold season, allowing your turf to grow dense and healthy in spring. Make sure you aerate before you apply fertilizers and soil amendments for the winter. Also, overseeding and covering bare lawn spots prevents weed growth next year.

How Can You Get Professional Fall Lawn Service in Mason, OH?

If you want expert lawn care in Mason, OH, this season, all you have to do is contact our experts. You will get a free estimate and a complete fall lawn care program to ensure the health of your yard during winter and next spring!