Enjoying a lush and thriving lawn and landscape all year comes with some effort and care from your part. If you loved the way summer treated your property, you need to make sure autumn treats it just as kind. While fall is indeed a slower season that requires less work, you still need to take into consideration serious lawn care and maintenance activities to perform in order to ensure your lawn’s and landscape’s health and resilience during the upcoming cold season. If you are a beginner homeowner and you need some help this fall, here is our lawn care West Chester OH pros’ quick guide on early fall maintenance.


Soil Testing and Planning

You should perform a soil test once in spring and once in fall. Your soil went through plenty of changes during summer, and it may need your help now. Have your lawn care West Chester OH specialists evaluate the situation and perform soil tests to determine its pH levels, potential drainage problems, fertilization needs, pest issues and so on. Once you understand the soil, it will be easier for you to make the right decisions. You may want to apply lime to correct and maintain the soil’s acidity levels; you may need to implement more complex soil treatments as well.

Soil Aeration and Overseeding

Aeration and overseeding, just like soil testing, are bi-annual activities. If you did not perform a soil core aeration in spring, now it is the time to do it. Removing soil plugs helps the soil de-compact. Moreover, the aeration service allows air, light, warmth, water, and nutrients to reach deep into the soil. Thus, your lawn and vegetation will enjoy a lush and healthy development.

Overseeding is also important this time of year. If you see brown/dry patches of turf here and there, it means your lawn suffered because of foot traffic, pests, diseases, or common environmental factors. Reseeding the lawn means making your turf denser. In turn, this allows your lawn to grow stronger and more resilient against pests, weeds, or weather conditions.

Lawn Mowing

Depending on the status of your soil and grasses and the weather conditions, your lawn care West Chester OH team may recommend you raise the lawn mower blades up to ½ inch – 1 inch. Taller grasses receive more light, oxygen, and warmth which then they transform into nutrients to keep them strong all winter long. There are some turf varieties which fare better if left taller, like Bermuda grass, zoysia, and St. Augustine.

Lawn and Landscape Irrigation

Depending on the weather, you can implement a long-term irrigation plan for your lawn and landscape. Talk to your local lawn care West Chester OH team about installing sprinklers and a smart irrigation system if you do not have one. Moreover, make sure to water your evergreens thoroughly, as they need more water in September and October.

Fertilization, Weed and Pest Control

Fall is a good time to boost the lawn’s strength and health with fertilizers in order to keep weeds at bay. Pre-emergence weed control is an important task you should not overlook. Ask your lawn care West Chester OH specialists to cover this task, together with pest control.

Fall is a glorious season, full of color and scent. However, if you wish to enjoy a lush and healthy lawn and landscape, make sure your local lawn care West Chester OH experts are there to give you a hand with the more difficult tasks.