As we all know, poorly-drained soil leads to lawn mold, root rot, pest and weed problems, uneven ground, and dead turf spots. Moreover, soggy, slippery, or slushy soil patches in your yard are unsightly, creating a complete mess. If left unattended, water and mud puddles on your yard can lead to severe infrastructure issues for your house as well, so it is time to tackle the early-spring drainage issues of your property. Our professionals in lawn care in West Chester, OH, are here to offer you some tips if you want to solve the forever flooded garden problem once and for all.

Soil Core Aeration

Clay soils are the ones most likely to present drainage issues. Logically, soil core aeration introduces oxygen into the grasses’ root zone, allowing air, light, and organic matter to penetrate deep. Our lawn care company in West Chester, OH, recommends you aerate cool-season grasses in early spring or early fall and warm-season grasses in mid-spring to early summer.

Keep in mind that when you aerate, the soil should be damp. It is a paradox, indeed, but if the soil is too compact and hard, the aerating machine might not remove as much soil as needed. On the other hand, if the soil is too wet, it will cause more compaction and drainage issues. Your lawn care technicians know best when and how to aerate your lawn to promote healthy turf and plant growth and solve drainage problems.

Topdressing with Compost

After you aerate, you should consider topdressing – adding a thin layer of compost over the lawn. The logic behind is that the compost will replace the soil chunks and clay particles with loose, free-draining organic matter. Over time, the organic matter will accumulate deep in the soil, creating a more aerated, porous soil profile to encourage natural draining.

The best time to apply topsoil is one or two days after you have finished aerating. Talk to your local lawn care service providers in West Chester, OH, about this strategy, as they will offer you the best services tailored to your lawn’s needs.

Optimize Lawn Care and Maintenance Programs

Suppose your lawn does not suffer from severe drainage issues that claim major landscape modifications, trench digging, drainage systems’ installations, and more. If you deal with minor issues, proper lawn care and maintenance programs should do the trick. Talk to our lawn care experts in West Chester, OH, about lawn mowing and irrigation schedules that lower the risk of lawn drainage issues all year long.