Moss is a plant with shallow roots that acts as a groundcover and takes up space where your turf isn’t developed enough. According to our lawn treatments company in Liberty Township, OH, moss signifies that your lawn needs intensive care. It can also mean your landscape needs more readjustments than just removing the plant. But, as our fertilization and weed control specialists will tell you, moss removal is just the first step. Next, you will have to take a broader look at your property and develop a maintenance plan.


Moss Removal and Lawn Treatments in Liberty Township, OH

Moss thrives in damp, cool weather so it might be all over the place in early spring. The good news is that moss is easily removable with the help of herbicides. If you want to take the chemical route, talk to our weed control and fertilization company in Liberty Township, OH, about iron-based products that simultaneously feed your lawn and kill the moss without affecting the surrounding turf in your yard.

If you want DIY solutions, consider dish soap or baking soda mixed with lukewarm water. Ask your lawn treatments company in Liberty Township, OH, about the proper mix of these substances depending on your lawn size, the moss infestation, and other factors.

For best results in killing moss, use a garden sprayer to coat and saturate this weed. Neither dish soap nor baking soda damages the surrounding grasses, so you should not worry about the application. Next, wait for about 24 hours to make sure the moss is dead (it will most likely turn brown) and then remove it with a metal rake.

Other Moss Prevention and Lawn Care Tips

As we said, moss is indicative of bigger problems on your lawn. Talk to our experts in lawn fertilization and weed control in Liberty Township, OH, to help you with a lawn maintenance plan and some actions to prevent moss from growing back. Here are some ideas:

  • Manage the soil’s pH, as moss can indicate a soil issue;
  • Improve your lawn drainage systems by using a French drain and prevent excess water from entertaining moss in your yard;
  • Reduce the moss-entertaining shade on your property by pruning trees and shrubs, moving some trees around, and engaging in ongoing landscape maintenance programs.

Grow thick, healthy grass to prevent moss and other lawn issues. Ask our experts in lawn treatments in Liberty Township, OH, for their help and enjoy a moss-free yard all year long.