Homeowners who usually burn firewood during the winter – whether inside the house or in your outdoor fire pit – have a lot of spare wood ashes. Do you throw yours out? Our experts in lawn treatments in Liberty Township, OH, recommend you don’t. You have plenty of reasons to use ash in your yard and garden this year. Here are some practical ideas on turning ash into valuable lawn treatments!

Ash as Soil and Grass Amendment: Top Tips

According to our fertilization and weed control company in Liberty Township, OH, wood ash is a great potassium, calcium, and magnesium source. As you know, these elements are essential for soil and plant health. The most important thing to know at this point is that you first need to start with a soil test to determine its pH before you amend it with ashes. Here is what our experts recommend:

  • Add ash if your soil pH is too low below 6.5. This organic material is an excellent choice to correct acidic soil.
  • If your soil has a pH greater than 7, do not add ash, as you risk harming or even killing plants’ roots. Instead, ask your local lawn treatments experts in Liberty Township, OH, to apply other amendments to keep your soil and plants safe during the winter.
  • Ash is water-soluble, so it will rapidly enter the soil, modifying its chemical composition way faster than limestone (although they are similar). In other words, if you usually apply lime, double the regular quantity when it comes to using ash.
  • If you grow acid-loving plants or vegetables, refrain from using ash.

Use Ash in Your Compost Pile

Dedicated homeowners use ashes to boost their compost, as the material is rich in nutrients and it supercharges the microbial environment developing inside your compost pile.

Don’t worry about it if you find little chunks of porous charcoal mixed in with the ashes. According to our lawn fertilization company in Liberty Township, OH, these tiny pieces offer the compost a much-needed oxygen quantity that entertains and even enhances microbial life.

When you keep a large compost heap in your yard, rain and snow usually mess up your compost pile’s efficiency as they dissolve the material into the ground before it reaches its true nourishing potential. When porous charcoal bits are in a pile, the minerals are absorbed and kept in the compost.

If you need help with winter soil amendments and ash, use in your yard and garden, ask our experts in lawn treatments in Liberty Township, OH, for their advice!