Your lawn and landscape maintenance does not end when autumn comes. As we said on a previous occasion, homeowners should enhance their efforts at the beginning of the fall season because the work is far from being over. Today, our lawn treatments experts in Liberty Township, OH, are here to discuss a few things about fall mulching. We have touched on this topic before, but it never hurts to refresh your knowledge occasionally. Let’s discuss how to prepare your property for mulching and thus protecting your lawn from the winter.

How to Prepare Your Property for Mulching: Top Tips

According to our lawn fertilization company in Liberty Township, OH, all homeowners should prepare their properties before mulching. If you follow the minimal lawn care activities our lawn care experts suggested, you should also consider the following tips for proper lawn treatments this season.

1. Make organic mulch from fallen leaves

Experts agree that it is a shame to gather fallen leaves, put them in plastic bags, and throw them away in the garbage bin. Instead, for outstanding lawn fertilization and protection, use your lawnmower to shred the leaves and turned them into organic mulch material. If you gather a sizeable quantity, put the excess leaves into your compost pile. Otherwise, save money, time, and the environment by using shredded dead leaves to apply as a mulch layer on your flowerbeds, around trees, and in vegetable gardens.

2. Clean and remove the plant debris before applying the mulch

If you plan to add a mulch layer in your flowerbeds, make sure you clean the areas you want to treat.

  • Check spent annual flowers and vegetable plants;
  • Remove all vegetal debris if you see signs of diseases;
  • Our lawn treatments experts in Liberty Township, OH, advise you to use the plant debris for your compost pile if the spent vegetal elements are healthy;
  • Do not allow any weeds to stay around your lawn, landscape, flowerbeds, vegetable garden, etc. If they remain in your flowerbeds, weed seeds and seedlings will give you many troubles in spring.

3. Ask Our Lawn Treatments Pros in Liberty Township, OH for Help

If you think mulching your property this year is complicated, ask our lawn treatments in Liberty Township, OH, for their help. Ask for a free estimate, and you will get the best lawn and landscape maintenance services in the area at affordable prices!