In late spring, your turf’s growth is in high gear and so should be your mowing routine. While many homeowners boast a regular mowing schedule, very few know how to mow their lawns right. Fortunately, our experts in lawn care in Maineville OH have agreed to share for our blog some of their best spring mowing tips and techniques.


7 Spring Mowing Tips from our Pros in Lawn Care in Maineville OH

Mowing the turf grass in spring should not be left to chance. There are several methods and aspects to take into account every time you give your lawn a haircut. Here are 7 helpful mowing tips from our lawn care Maineville OH pros to help you get that mowing right:

  1. In spring, mowing should be done more frequently to help the new grass prepare for summer – our experts recommend mowing once a week in spring and getting back to a biweekly schedule by mid-summer;
  2. The first mow should not be done before the grass hits 2 inches in height; also, start mowing regularly after the grass blades grow to be 3 inches tall – by that time, the roots are solid enough for the plants to take a regular shave;
  3. Follow the on-third rule: Never chop off more than one third of the plants’ length in one mowing session; cutting the grass too short might damage its roots and crowns and make it more prone to pests and disease;
  4. Don’t mow your grass while it’s damp to avoid those unsightly grass clumps;
  5. Keep your mower’s blades razor-sharp; dull mower blades can damage the top of the grass blades reducing their growth rate and resilience against disease;
  6. Change the mowing pattern during each mowing session to prevent a common problem affecting residential lawns – soil compaction;
  7. Mow in a straight line – it is easier this way and you won’t have to go back to fix missed or problem areas; this simple technique can save you plenty of time and effort.

What’s more, mowing frequency also depends on grass type. Although cold-season grasses don’t need frequent mowing, they are more likely to be affected by drought, disease, and pests, such as the dollar spot fungus. Warm-season grasses, on the other hand, are less low-maintenance but more disease-resistant. A lawn care professional can tell you exactly how much mowing should be done on your lawn depending on its features and the grasses growing there.

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