Dandelions are kids’ favorites as they enjoy seeing the elusive seeds taking flight with a single blow. On the other hand, the same weeds are homeowners’ nightmare, as a single plant can produce about 10,000 seeds. Blink twice, and your lawn is full of them, so much so that fertilization and weed control might become useless, and you need to kill the entire lawn to get rid of them. If you are new to landscaping, you need to know that you cannot ignore dandelions. Our experts in lawn treatments in Liberty Township, OH, are here today to answer some of the most important questions regarding dandelions’ control.

1. What Types of Weeds are Dandelions?

Dandelions are broadleaf weeds because of the wide, flat leaves you see spreading along the ground. Contrary to popular belief, pulling dandelions out by hand will not do much good because these plants’ roots can go as deep as 2 feet or more into the soil.

2. How Do You Get Rid of Dandelions from a Lawn?

According to our lawn fertilization company in Liberty Township, OH, success depends on the type of herbicide or fertilizer used to target broadleaf weeds. Our lawn treatments experts in Liberty Township, OH, use specialized blends of selective fertilizers acting as weed-and-feed substances. In other words, while the treatment kills weeds specifically, it also nourishes the lawn and the other grasses and plants.

Be careful when you engage in weed control on your own. Ask our fertilization and weed control technicians about tailored blends of organic and inorganic fertilizers and herbicides. Such substances are the go-to choice of professionals who do their best to protect the environment.

3. Are Dandelions Harmful to My Lawn?

According to our lawn treatments provider in Liberty Township, OH, dandelions do not harm the soil. On the contrary, given the depth they go to, the roots can prevent soil erosion. On the other hand, a couple of dandelions this summer means you will have to fight hundreds next season. Unless you embrace the xeriscaping principles and turn your prized lawn into a “wild” weed yard, you need to get rid of these weeds as soon as they pop up. Besides being disruptive from an aesthetic point of view, they also fight your turf and plants for nutrients, water, etc.

If you need to remove dandelions from your lawn, ask our lawn treatments Liberty Township, OH experts for their help!