The fall season is the perfect time to help your lawn recover after the stressful summer and prepare for winter dormancy. To do this, pairing aeration and overseeding together is a must! Aeration involves mechanically pulling up plugs of soil to loosen compaction and create passageways for nutrients, sunlight, water, and oxygen to reach the roots of your grass more easily. On the other hand, overseeding involves spreading seeds across your turf to fill bare, patchy areas with new growth, increasing its overall density. When you perform these services together during the fall in Ohio, you can get the most out of both and reach your dream lawn!

What is aeration, and how does it benefit your lawn?

Aeration is an essential lawn care service that involves passing over your turf with an aerator to pull up plugs of soil. This process loosens hard, compacted soil and breaks up the thatch layer by creating tiny holes in the ground, which also serve as passageways for nutrients and resources like sunlight, water, and oxygen to reach the roots of your grass more easily. With improved access to everything it needs, your lawn can absorb more and bolster its health, strength, and verdancy.

What is overseeding, and how does it benefit your lawn?

Overseeding is another highly beneficial lawn care service, as it involves spreading grass seeds across your lawn to fill bare, patchy areas with new growth. As a result, it'll become thicker, denser, and lusher. Not only does this increase its curb appeal, but it also strengthens its defenses to resist stressors like diseases and insect infestations. Additionally, with a fuller lawn, there's less room for weeds to invade, meaning they'll be crowded out and have fewer opportunities to cause problems in the first place.

Tall fescue seeds are ideal for overseeding your lawn in Ohio, as it's a cool-season type with a high tolerance to stressors and will yield beautiful grass.

Pairing Aeration & Overseeding Together in the Fall Will Yield the Best Results for Your Lawn

If you want to get the most out of aeration and overseeding, pairing them together in the fall is how to do it. When you do, the holes left behind from aeration provide the perfect spot for the grass seeds to fall into, helping them reach deeper into the ground and get excellent contact with the soil. That way, they have increased chances of successfully germinating, optimal access to the nutrients and resources they need to develop, and protection from the wind, rain, and any critters that eat them.

Not only that, but the fall season is also the perfect time to perform aeration and overseeding. That's because your lawn is under less stress and will be strong enough to endure aeration, and the cool-season seeds will have ideal conditions for germination and root establishment. Pairing them together in the fall will also help it recover from summer stress, give it the best chance of surviving winter dormancy, and set it up to bounce back and green up quicker in the spring.

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