Summer is THE season to enjoy all the roses you have planted on your property and in your garden. Be them heirloom roses, new hybrids, climbing ones and other varieties, roses thrive best in summer, hypnotizing you with their colors, scents and beauty. However, roses are also vulnerable to a handful of threats these months – July and August being the most important ones. There are plenty of means to preserve your roses, keep them healthy and thriving and even revamp them when they naturally fade away. Our lawn care Mason, OH specialists, together with their landscaping Fairfield, OH colleagues are here today to offer you an easy-to-follow guide on summer roses care.

1. Water the Roses Frequently

In summer your entire property and all your vegetation needs proper watering. Your roses make no exception. However, they need some extra care when it comes to their proper hydration.

  • Ask your lawn care Mason, OH team to bring in the big guns: smart irrigation systems that work with timers and sensors. Roses thrive best when they benefit from a slow release drip irrigation system that properly waters them saving you money and resources in the same time.
  • If you can’t install such a system, then use your regular watering hose – but never forget to water these majestic flowers very early in the morning. Also, give them at least 2.5 gallons of water every week.

2. Keep Your Roses Free From Pests

If you are a seasoned roses lover and cultivator, then you know aphids are your roses’ worst enemies, among other summer pests. You should keep an eye on your entire vegetation, turf and trees and take appropriate measures at the earliest sign of an infestation. However, when it comes to roses, you need to search regularly for aphids’ attacks.

  • Look underneath the leaves and search for white small insects.
  • You can early catch an aphids’ attack by looking after their trace: a black sticky sooty substance – a fungus that blocks sunlight and destroys the plants eventually.
  • Look also for curled or damaged leaves.

Ask your lawn care Mason, OH experts to implement a proper aphids’ deterrence program, as organic measures seem to work better than pesticides.

3. Nourish the Roses with Care

The first rule of planting roses is to have them thriving in sunny areas on your property and kept at a safe distance from snails, mosquitoes and other bugs thriving in the shadows. If you already achieved this task, then it’s time to properly feed your roses all summer long. Besides water, roses need a rich and nutritious soil to thrive.

  • Use organic fertilizers like Epsom Salt to boost your roses’ growth, color and fragrance.
  • Use mulch to keep the roses’ roots protected against heat, pests and damaging gardening tools, while keeping them fed with the natural substances mulch slowly releases into the soil.
  • Use compost and other organic materials to nourish the roses.

You can also trim the roses as recommended by your lawn care Mason, OH specialists to trick them into flowering again after they naturally faded in mid-summer.