Having and keeping your trees healthy all year long is not rocket science, but it is of utmost importance if you want your entire property to thrive. Most people take trees for granted. Except from some seasonal pruning and cleaning, they make the mistake of thinking that trees manage on their own. However, just as our lawn care Liberty Township, OH experts warn, you should never let your trees unattended. They are more susceptible to harm than you can possibly imagine and you should make sure they are healthy all summer long. These are some tips and tricks you can make good use of to ensure the healthy development of your trees.


  • Inspect your trees on a weekly basis and take a good look at the roots, the area around the roots’ system, the bark, branches and foliage.
  • You should take stock of spots, cracks, insect larvae or adult pests, discolorations at the leaves, blossoms and flowers levels.
  • Check for dead twigs, curled leaves, burnt or chewed foliage and flowers.
  • Check the soil under the tree and observe the soil and the grasses – you might encounter suspicious pest activity, diseases or insects.

If you see any sign of suspicious pest, weed or disease activity, physical harm or other tree unaccounted for symptoms, call your expert lawn care Liberty Township, OH team to treat the trees, remove them altogether to replant them to friendlier areas of your property. They may need pruning or fertilization, but if the tree is left uncared for, it can spread a disease, an infection or a pest attack to the entire surrounding vegetation.

  • Whether or not you grow native trees on your property, they all should be watered properly.
  • Make sure your trees receive at least 1 to 1.5 inches of water on a weekly basis.
  • If your neighborhood checks in with a local water regulating organism make sure you also check with these experts to make sure you don’t waste water.
  • Water the trees with a hose or have your landscaping Liberty Township, OH team install a smart irrigation system on your property to make sure your trees are well watered during the hot summer months.
  • Don’t forget to add a 3 inch layer of mulch around each tree in a 3 foot wide ring while keeping a 3 inch space between the mulch and the tree bark. If you don’t know how to apply the 3-3-3 tree mulching rule, ask your local lawn care Liberty Township, OH team to apply the mulch for you.
  • Use generous amounts of mulch to fertilize and protect your trees from heat and pests or diseases, but make sure the mulch never touches the trees’ barks.
  • Use mulch also to protect shrubs, hedges, flowers and other types of vegetation you grow.
  • You can start applying pre-emergence weed treatments but before anything else, test the soil first for pH and drainage.

If some or many of these activities go beyond your level of expertise, ask your local lawn care Liberty Township, OH specialists to give you a hand and tailor a comprehensive tree maintenance program.