A lush and well-manicured lawn is a product of time, money and effort well invested. Just one crucial mistake can undermine your investments. As such, it is worthwhile to know which among these mistakes in lawn care Liberty Township OH homeowners often make in order to make efficient use of your investments toward your lawn.

Improper Mowing

As a rule of thumb, grass blades should not be cut more than a third of their length. Mow lower and you risk stressing the grass. And when the grass becomes stressed, it cannot recover fully and its ability to produce its own food through photosynthesis is affected. Additionally, improper mowing paves the way for the invasion of weeds.


A lot of homeowners fear that their grass will die due to drought, and that in order to prevent this, they should water their lawns on a daily basis. The truth is that if your lawn is adequately watered, the grass will grow deep roots and can withstand droughts. Overwatering inhibits deep rooting, washes off fertilizers, and is simply a waste of a precious resource.

Improper Application of Fertilizers and Pesticides

If you use synthetic fertilizers, make sure to spread them evenly to avoid burning the lawn. Pesticides, on the other hand, should be handled with care. Make sure to carefully read the product label and use the item according to instructions. Use fertilizers with great care, or else you’ll be killing off beneficial organisms.

Ignoring the Soil

The soil is the foundation of your lawn. Ignore it and all your efforts will be thwarted. Have your soil tested so that you can know which strategies are best implemented and which types of fertilizer to use.

Using the Wrong Species of Grass

Another mistake in lawn care Liberty Township OH homeowners make is using the wrong type of grass for their front yard. Some species of grass are simply unsuitable for PA’s climate and will not thrive. In some cases, the use of different species is advisable especially if you have areas in the lawn that have a high amount of shade.

Wrong Timing

Fertilizing, controlling weeds, watering and aeration are all essential tasks that are associated with lawn care. However, it is equally important to know when to perform each of these tasks, allowing you to work smarter and not harder to get the results that you want.

While lawn care is not exactly rocket science, it demands the right knowledge in order to minimize or eliminate these problems. Enlisting the aid of experts in lawn care Liberty Township OH locals trust will not only help property owners deal with the hard work associated with maintaining their front yard, but will also help them become more informed about lawn care best practices that they can implement by themselves.