However, what many homeowners don’t know is that overseeding comes together with a set of rules to be implemented afterwards. Our landscaping Lebanon, OH colleagues noticed that residents don’t know exactly what to do and how to further care for their lawns and gardens after overseeding. So this is what you need to do:

1. Don’t Stress the Lawn

Keep everybody off the lawn for at least 2 to 4 weeks. You have to let the seeds germinate and develop roots, so any damaging activity and stomping around decreases the chances of you enjoying a lush, thick lawn. Make sure your irrigation installations work properly, as it’s not recommended to step on the lawn when watering.

2. Water the Lawn Often

The overseeded lawn needs as much water as you can give. Lawn care Mason, OH specialists recommend you water the lawn at least once or twice a day (be careful how you walk around!). The lawn needs thorough watering and you should keep at least ¼ inch of the top soil moist at all times, so the seedlings can take advantage of the aeration holes and pick out from them. Depending on the grass varieties, wait until they reached their recommended mowing height and then return to your regular watering routine.

3. Don’t Use Any Chemicals

It often happens that weeds show up right after you overseeded. Resist the temptation to use weed killers and all sorts of chemical herbicides. You can either completely neglect the new seeds or grass blades, or kill them in the process of chemically deterring weeds. Some lawn care Lebanon, OH experts recommend you avoid chemicals at all costs until the new grass has been mowed four or five times in a row. You should, however, consult with your local lawn care Mason, OH contractor on the best practices to employ in weed control after overseeding.

4. Mow the Lawn with Care

As our lawn care Mason, OH pointed out, you have to let the seedlings establish strong roots, so you shouldn’t mow the overseeded lawn earlier than 3-4 weeks. However, you should keep an eye on the lawn and mow it when the new turf reached its recommended mowing height. If the grass blades are at least 3.5 inches in height, it’s a good indicator you can start mowing.

Before implementing the post-overseeding procedures, make sure you consult with your lawn care Mason, OH contractor, as they know best what seeds you planted and what specific needs they have.