We have talked about penny-wise lawn care Lebanon, OH tips and tricks before, while we insisted on the importance of having a lush, thriving lawn for the best possible curb appeal. All investors who want to trade residential properties know the landscape weights a lot when it comes to signing the check. Realtors know this as well, while residents try to keep up and compete with each other to achieve the best-looking, thriving and healthy properties in town.

But sometimes people don’t have the time, the money or the knowledge to employ complex lawn maintenance plans. These indeed require a lot of personal and financial investments and, even if residents want to live in their homes forever, sometimes lawn care doesn’t come easy. Today lawn care Lebanon, OH experts come up front and center with a few tricks they know: how to improve your property’s curb appeal, health, and beauty with a small budget and little effort.

1. Install Irrigation Systems

It may sound costly at first, but think about the water you will save once you stop watering the lawn daily. Also, think about all the treatment and lawn maintenance activities you won’t have to employ anymore, just because you won’t overwater the turf any longer. Ask your lawn care Lebanon, OH service providers for info and advice about drip irrigation systems and smart sprinklers system. You will be amazed how healthy, lush and strong your lawn and plants will grow with this simple, budget-friendly investment.

2. Create a Micro-Ecosystem on the Property

All your grasses, plants, insects, pests and weeds work together as a micro-ecosystem on your property. In all ecosystems on this planet, some partnerships and companionships do wonders. Attract certain birds and insects to deal with the pests, help pollinate, feed on aphids and maggots, protect your flowers and vegetables and help the lawn thrive. Besides bees and birds which help pollination and seeding, learn also about some species of beetles, lacewings, flies and so on. Keep the birds well fed and watered at a safe distance from the crops, however. The same thing goes with companion plants. Some insects are attracted by thyme, while thyme, in turn, helps protect other flowers in the garden from pests, because of its scent. Use as many companion herbs and spices you can find, as they keep pests at bay, help veggies to be safe from disease and are amazing in the kitchen when you use them freshly pulled.

3. Use Organic Fertilization

Besides the fact that it saves you a lot of money, organic fertilization helps the lawn thrive and stay healthy all year long. Make your own compost, use grass clippings as mulch, and get some dry manure pellets or seaweed liquid fertilizers. The natural, long-term and healthy growth is what you want from your lawn and garden, and organic fertilization is the answer, landscaping Maineville, OH experts agree as well.