Dog urine can wreak havoc on a freshly manicured lawn as many pet owners can confirm. You might notice patches of dead grass pop up after several of your furry friend’s bathroom visits. Brown spots caused by dog urine are both unsightly and very unhealthy for your lawn. Our experts in lawn care in Liberty Township, OH, have agreed to share with us some of their tips for getting rid of the problem for good.

Is My Dog Wrecking My Lawn?

Before pointing the blame stick to your four-legged pal for the less-than-ideal state of your yard, make sure that the dog is really behind the mess. The damage inflicted by dog urine onto turf grass is unmistakable – dead, brown spots surrounded by dark green rings of healthy grass. This is because dog pee is packed with nitrogen, and just like nitrogen-based fertilizers, too much of it can be damaging, while a moderate amount can be a boon to your turf.

Our experts in lawn care in Liberty Township, OH, recommend checking the brown turf and see whether it is firmly secured in the ground. If it is, dog urine is likely the culprit. If it easily detaches, your may have a grub infestation or disease problem. Call a professional to make an accurate diagnosis. If your dog is at fault the good news is that, unless your pup’s is a compulsive digger, the damage done to your beloved lawn can be easily undone.

One may wonder why dog urine kill off grass. The answer lies in the compounds in dog pee – nitrogen and minerals that may easily burn the turf in large enough quantities. The dark greenish ring around the brown spots is caused by the added nutrients in your beloved pooch’s urine.

If you own a female dog, you should keep a close eye on her as female dogs tend to urinate in the same spot and wreak a lawn faster than male dogs. Also, the size of the dog does not influence the damage inflicted upon your turf. It is the amount of urine dropped on your lawn that makes the real difference.

Easiest Fix for Dog Spots on Your Lawn

To prevent unsightly brown spots on your lawn, it is best to train your pooch to no longer pee wherever he pleases. However, that is easier said than done especially if the dog has made a huge habit out of it.

In the worst-case scenario hire a dog expert. In less severe cases, create a spot where your dog feels comfortable to urinate on. Add mulch or gypsum pellets for better drainage. You can turn your dog’s special spot into a beautiful and pet-friendly hardscape that is both practical for you dog and a joy to look at. Another fix to brown grass spots is a lawn treatment and reseeding wherever necessary, but you better consider hiring a lawn care company like Degree Lawn & Landscape for it.

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