Bermuda grass is one of the most common and resilient turf grasses across lawns and landscapes. Due to its aggressive development, it can also become a weed for other plantations and flower beds. Nonetheless, it makes a beautiful turf grass that, unfortunately, is also vulnerable to weeds. Today, our experts in lawn treatments in Liberty Township OH are here to tell you a few things about Bermuda grass weeds’ identification and control.

What Types of Weeds Attack Bermuda Grass?

Bermuda grass is vulnerable to both broadleaf weeds that usually die in the presence of weed killers applied in January, and grass-like weeds that need professional control in June. If you identify crabgrass, annual bluegrass, or common foxtail in your Bermuda grass lawn, call your lawn treatment specialists in Liberty Township, OH. They can differentiate among grasses and weeds and apply the correct fertilizers and weed control substances, so your lawn thrives free of attackers.

Best Practices in Bermuda Grass Weed Control

One of the first things to remember now in the summer is that you should keep your common Bermuda turf at the height of 2 inches tops and hybrid Bermuda grasses at 1.5 inches tops. With this in mind, here is what our lawn treatments service providers in Liberty Township OH recommend:

  • Professional lawn fertilization with the help of custom-blended substances, applied by your local lawn fertilizer service;
  • Proper lawn irrigation;
  • Frequent and correct lawn mowing.

What Can Our Lawn Treatments Experts in Liberty Township OH Do for Your Bermuda Grass Lawn?

If you think your Bermuda grass lawn fares poorly because of the weeds trying to attack it, the best course of action is to call our lawn fertilization company. The lawn treatments specialists in Liberty Township OH will evaluate the situation and intervene accordingly. Since we are already in the summer, the best course of action is to apply post-emergent weed control depending on the types of weeds that are threatening your Bermuda grass.

It is always the best to refrain from applying herbicides by yourself. For instance, if you have a hybrid Bermuda lawn, a post-emergent generic crabgrass weed killer might harm all the grass varieties you grow in the yard.

Before you allow broadleaf and grass-like weeds to invade your lawn and ruin your beautiful Bermuda turf, call your local lawn treatments experts in Liberty Township OH for an assessment and tailored weed control interventions!