You have probably heard about functional gardens: the ones that come in between minimalistic designs and wild-nature designs. These are the gardens you want to be in all year long, no matter the season, while they are also useful. Functional gardens have a sustainability ring to them, as they give us something back (and more than a few hours of relaxation in the summer). Today, landscaping Mason, OH pros decided to give us a few ideas on how one can achieve a functional garden, respecting its aesthetics and making it even more livable and productive.

1. Vertical Gardens to Grow Herbs and Vegetables

Why not having your small patch of scented heaven right around the corner? Ever seen those cooking shows where all chefs seem to just pull some parsley, basil and dill straight from their own gardens? It can work magnificently for you as well. Use an empty wall to build a vertical garden with racks and pots and cultivate all the herbs, spices or delicious vegetables for a healthier, sustainable and more delicious living. You can go one step further and add such racks here and there in the garden to have even more scented herbs and veggies. With the help of professional landscaping Mason, OH experts, your property will become even more beautiful and valuable.

2. Functional Spaces to Enjoy All Seasons

How would you feel if you had an outdoor room for yourself or your guests? Think about a summer garden kitchen with a bar, a built-in grill and stovetop burner, roasting spits, griddles and amazing kitchen sets. Imagine comfy garden armchairs, a wide solid table, a solid deck adorned with garden lights, ottomans and even thin, smooth curtains to surround this small patch of heaven.

You can also imagine an outdoor working space. A deck, a table and a comfy chair, as much light as you can bring in, soft music on the background, provided by a wireless system (useful to bring the internet to your working laptop), even glass windows for the cold season, and an optimal heating system. Designing functional gardens is an art and many landscaping Mason, OH experts can help you make an informed decision.

3. Vegetable Gardens to Eat Fresh and Healthy

Many fear that introducing vegetable to an all-vegetation landscape will ruin the property’s looks. On the contrary, the sparkling veggie colors might improve the garden’s aesthetics, not to mention its functionality. A good designer can make them look out of this world, even if they consist only of tomatoes or onions for your fresh salads. You can build them around the barbecue space, behind a glass tall wall to be admired from the outside or here and there, in terraces and beds, among trees and shrubs. If you ask the landscaping, Farifield, OH pros, they will tell you all functional gardens should begin with lush rows and patches of vegetables.