Fragrant flowers and plants are a terrific addition to any property and scent is just as important as color, contrast and texture in a landscape. You may enjoy the breathtaking green shades of foliage and the rainbow-like colors of your flower beds and rows, but nothing compares to having your heart filled with the hypnotizing aroma of scented flowers, shrubs or vines. Today, our landscaping Mason, OH specialists got together with their lawn care Liberty Township, OH colleagues and offer you a quick guide on where and how to plant fragrant flowers on your property to make the best of their tantalizing scents.

What Are the Best Fragrant Plants?

Before getting into the specifics, let’s take a look first at some flowers and plants that offer scents you cannot refuse:

  • Lilac – this tree is a king of fragrance in many parts of the world and a source of scent to die for.
  • Roses – there are dozens of rose species that smell incredibly, from the heirloom “old” rose to the newer hybrids you can try cultivating.
  • Flowery perennials – you just cannot disregard the colors, textures and scents of carnations, pinks, garden phlox, oriental lilies, peonies, hyacinths and so on.
  • Shrubs and vines – scent can be nurtured on your property through shrubs, hedges and fragrant vines such as honeysuckles, wisteria, jasmine, clematis and so on.

Where Should You Plant Your Fragrant Vegetation?

If you decided to add fragrant flowers, shrubs, vines or trees on your property, let’s take a look at some tips and tricks provided you by our landscaping Mason, OH specialists.

  • Under the house windows: let the fresh breeze and the sweet flower aromas freshen up your house and your spirit every morning you open the window.
  • By the doors: every time you go through a door (the front one, the backdoor to the patio etc) you should be accompanied by the gorgeous scents of your plants and flowers.
  • By the front gate: feel welcomed home every day by the scented flowers and vines guarding the front gate of you property. You can use flowery vines and climbing flowers or even trees (roses, lilacs, angel trumpets etc) to start your fragrant journey once you set foot on your property.
  • Along the pathways you use: there is no point in walking around your property and not be accompanied by fresh scents. Plant flowers, scented herbs and shrubs along the pathways and walkways in your garden.
  • By benches and around outdoor living spaces: scents should be where you are, so plant them nearby resting benches, around a garden kiosk, nearby the fireplace area, along a retaining wall or privacy screen.

You want those flowers’ and shrubs’ scent to envelop you like a charm, so they should be planted in those areas on the property that you use the most. Have your local landscaping Mason, OH specialists advise you on the best plants to pick for your property, the best places to cultivate them on and help you with the planting and maintenance all year long.