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What Are Noxious Weeds? Experts in Lawn Treatments in Liberty Township OH Explain

In summer, one of the best problems homeowners have is annual or perennial weeds. These uninvited guests threaten your gorgeous lawns and gardens, giving you a lot of trouble, and our experts in lawn treatments in Liberty Township, OH, a lot of work. Most of the time, the common weeds that populate your lawn and landscape are easy to control with the help of our technicians’ well-crafted weed control and fertilization programs. However, sometimes, it happens that noxious weeds travel with you back home and infest your property. But what are noxious weeds, and why are they a danger in most cases?

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3 Ideas for Rock Landscaping in Liberty Township, OH

If you are in the mood for a landscape redesign this year, our experts in landscaping in Liberty Township, OH, have the perfect idea for you: rocks! And they don’t mean just rocks, but boulders, gravel, pebbles, pavers, and everything else you can imagine. Adding rocks to a yard makes the entire ensemble gain a unique, fresh, rustic look. Moreover, well-placed rocks enhance the green elements on your property, cut down watering and maintenance costs, and make any yard look like the epitome of landscape architecture.

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Our Lawn Treatments Liberty Township OH Experts Talk about Killing Dandelions

Dandelions are kids’ favorites as they enjoy seeing the elusive seeds taking flight with a single blow. On the other hand, the same weeds are homeowners’ nightmare, as a single plant can produce about 10,000 seeds. Blink twice, and your lawn is full of them, so much so that fertilization and weed control might become useless, and you need to kill the entire lawn to get rid of them. If you are new to landscaping, you need to know that you cannot ignore dandelions. Our experts in lawn treatments in Liberty Township, OH, are here today to answer some of the most important questions regarding dandelions’ control.

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3 Tips to Treat a Water Clogged Lawn According to Lawn Care Mason OH Experts

In spring and early summer, water-clogged lawns are nothing surprising. After prolonged periods of rain, the water sits on the lawn, forming puddles or turning the soil squishy to walk on or downright muddy. Poor drainage is usually the underlying cause of water clogging, although homeowners deal with such problems when their lawns have heavy clay spots. Flat terrains or heavy foot traffic are also contributing factors to this issue. Luckily, water-clogged lawns are treatable. Our experts in lawn care in Mason, OH, are here to offer you some tips and suggestions to solve this problem without causing irreversible damages to your property.

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Lawn Treatments Experts in Mason OH Discuss Early Summer Weed Control

One of the trickiest lawn care activities in early summer is weed control. The threatening herbs can pop up and sprout unexpectedly, suffocating your turf, flowers, ornamentals, and vegetables. Correct watering, fertilization, weed pulling, or pre-emergent treatments can help you keep weeds at bay, but they seem to be unstoppable in some areas. If you grow edibles or sensitive plants, weed killers are not always a choice. Our lawn treatments specialists in Mason, OH, are here today to offer you a quick guide on weed prevention without using harmful chemicals that can have a damaging impact on your soil or crops.

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How to Treat Overseeded Yards: Lawn Care Liberty Township OH Experts’ Tips

Not so long ago, we have talked about overseeding your yard. Our technicians in lawn care in Liberty Township, OH, often recommend reseeding as landscape restoration and enhancement project. After all, can we enjoy a lush yard in the absence of a dark green, thick lawn? While the process of overseeding is quite easy, especially with the help of our lawn care company, what we do after can have a positive or negative impact upon your lawn’s healthy development. We learned that many homeowners do not know what to do after they overseeded their yards. So let’s see some tips and suggestions from our specialists in lawn care in Liberty Township, OH!

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Pre-Emergent Lawn Treatments in West Chester OH: What You Should Know

Spring comes with many joys and just as many troubles. We know you cannot wait to start working on your beautiful yard and garden, and our lawn service provider in West Chester, OH, is here to help you with anything you need. But, as we all know, spring weeds can ruin any homeowners’ joy, and their time seems to be now! When it comes to weed treatments, pre-emergent weed control is a very complicated business. Timing is of the essence. Moreover, many homeowners deal with myths and truncated information when it comes to this issue. Today, our experts in lawn treatments in West Chester, OH, are here to clear up some things.

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How to Overseed in the Spring | Our Landscaping Mason OH Experts Answer

All landscapers know that one of the most important “secrets” to a gorgeous landscape is a thorough overseeding session. Lawn and landscape overseeding works best when you perform it in the fall. However, the same spring activity helps you restore a damaged lawn, cover bare spots, and reboot your lawn for the year to come. One challenge in spring is to manage the overseeding without encouraging weeds to take over. Our experts in landscaping in Mason, OH, are here to teach you how to perform this job without any risks. If you don’t feel you are up to the task, ask them for their help, they will be more than happy to assist you!

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Lawn Treatments Liberty Township OH Experts Teach You How to Mulch Trees

Mulching is all the rage when it comes to sustainable lawn care and landscaping practices. When it comes to maintaining your property throughout the year, some of the most crucial activities are vegetation fertilization and protection. Today our experts in lawn treatments in Liberty Township, OH, want to focus on an important type of protective measure to keep trees healthy: mulching. Our mulching company in Liberty Township, OH, has talked about this before, but this time we will get into the specifics of proper mulching.

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Landscaping West Chester OH Experts’ Tips on 2021 Outdoor Trends

It is that time of the year again! Our landscaping experts in West Chester, OH, want to tell you about the latest trends in lawn care, landscaping, and outdoor design. You probably had seen many of such trends around you last year, and some may be new to you. Whether you decide to revamp your property to such trends or maintain it as it is, our landscaping company in West Chester, OH, will be there by your side. So are you curious about what is new in landscaping in 2021? Let’s see what our landscapers in West Chester, OH, have found!

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