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Degree Lawn Blog

Our Experts in Lawn Care in Maineville OH Share 7 Spring Mowing Tips

In late spring, your turf’s growth is in high gear and so should be your mowing routine. While many homeowners boast a regular mowing schedule, very few know how to mow their lawns right. Fortunately, our experts in lawn care in Maineville OH have agreed to share for our blog some of their best spring mowing tips and techniques.

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Spring Lawn Care: Lebanon OH Pros’ April Tips on Getting Your Lawn Back in Shape

Americans love their lawns, and they love them so much that they even have proclaimed April as the National Lawn Care Month just to remind everybody of the importance of a properly-cared-for lawn. Loving one’s lawn is an Anglo-Saxon thing after all, with the Brits also being constantly mocked for their national obsession with green turfgrass.

The Stats

According to a Harris Poll survey published by the National Association of Landscape Professionals in 2015, 83% of Americans agree that having a lawn or a backyard is important. Most respondents were also aware that a properly tended lawn is good for both their and their family’s health, their community, and the economy.

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4 Ways to Save on Lawn Care in Loveland OH this Season

We know you can’t wait to collaborate closely with our experts in lawn care in Loveland OH to turn your lawn and landscape into gorgeous patches of Paradise. But the budget and finances behind lawn care can empty your pockets faster than you can predict. Today, our experts in lawn care in Loveland OH have a few tips and suggestions for you to start saving on the yard and landscape work without making any compromise on your property’s health and beauty.

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Experts in Lawn Care in Lebanon OH share Spring Maintenance Tips

In March, spring is going to take over your lawn and landscape, and you should get ready for spring tasks. According to our experts in lawn care in Lebanon OH, you should avoid making some mistakes while engaging in some specific spring maintenance tasks. Let’s see today what you should do to prepare your lawn for the upcoming spring months!

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7 Maintenance Tips for the Best Lawn Care in Mason OH in January

Winter is the perfect season to get some rest after a full year of mowing and weeding. In January, nature seems to stand still and dormant. Nevertheless, this does not mean you should forget about your lawn and landscape altogether. After the holidays, take some time to consider some maintenance activities to prepare your yard for spring. Today, our experts are here to share with you their seven maintenance tips for the best lawn care in Mason OH during January.

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Experts in Lawn Care in Liberty Township OH on Winter Shrub Pruning: 3 Things to Know

We are sure you welcomed the cold season; if not for the happy holidays, we all love, at least for the fact that you can put aside your yard and garden work for a while. However, our experts in lawn care in Liberty Township OH have a few lawn maintenance recommendations regarding winter tree and shrub care. In their opinion, winter is the best time to trim and prune them – and they will tell you why today!

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What You Should Ask from a Lawn Care West Chester OH Company according to the 2019 Trends

When you look for a landscaping and lawn care West Chester OH company, what do you look for? A landscaping team offering a one-size-fits-all type of outdoor project or a firm able to adapt to the new trends and implement them suitably on your property? Today, our lawn care West Chester OH experts are here to tell you what to look for when you decide to hire a lawn care team depending on the upcoming trends!

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West Chester OH Lawn Care Services That Can Easily Spruce Up Your Property

It’s something that you wish you could proudly tell your neighbors: “Yes, I do all the gardening myself.” You may live in a neighborhood where one house after the other seems to be competing to be named Lawn of the Year — everywhere you look, there are immaculately blooming flowers, neatly trimmed hedges, healthy ornamental trees, and a carpeting of lush green grass that no one would dream of stepping on for fear of ruining the look of the entire front lawn. But while you’re not necessarily keen on keeping up appearances with the neighbors, you do want a healthy, flourishing front yard and garden of your own — but your efforts may not be producing the results you want to see.

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Top Mistakes in Lawn Care Liberty Township OH Homeowners Should Avoid

A lush and well-manicured lawn is a product of time, money and effort well invested. Just one crucial mistake can undermine your investments. As such, it is worthwhile to know which among these mistakes in lawn care Liberty Township OH homeowners often make in order to make efficient use of your investments toward your lawn.

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Practical Advice On Lawn Care – Liberty Township OH Residents’ Guide to Watering

Watering a lawn is easy, right? Simply open the faucet and let the water run for a few minutes. Wrong.

Most homeowners think that lawns should be watered daily or every other day to prevent under-watering. However, grasses do not need to be watered every day and over-watering can lead to several problems.

Over-watering can drown plants and stress those with shallow roots. The invasion of weeds can also be partly attributed to over-watering. Daily watering of lawns can also undermine fertilization as the chemicals used to fertilize are washed away. Finally, over-watering is a terrible waste of precious water.

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