No matter where you leave, mosquitoes are probably giving you a lot of trouble, especially if you host a lush lawn and garden on your property. If you happen to also have a decorative pond or a water fountain, then these unwanted and pesky fliers will feel more than welcomed on your turf. We have gathered today some of our best lawn care Maineville, OH experts and their landscaping Lebanon, OH colleagues to tell us about natural mosquito control with the help of scented herbs and flowers. Such approach is environmentally friendly and comes with added benefits: the following herbs make great additions to your kitchen as well!

1. Garlic

Get rid of mosquitoes by planting garlic in between flower rows, in flower beds, in containers – for a fresh and innovative container garden landscaping design and in between other vegetable rows. Besides its incredible cooking and health benefits, you will get rid of mosquitoes in no time. In lawns and garden, garlic attracts beneficial insects for fruit trees, fends off pests, is a great companion plant for tomatoes and carrots, fights off fungi and makes a good warrior against blight.

2. Basil

Basil is a scented herb which grows well both indoors and outdoors. Freshly picked basil is a gift you make to your family and friends every time you cook or prepare fresh vegetable salads. It is easy to grow and maintain, no matter the climate or soil type. As a mosquitoes’ repellent, basil should be planted in and around flower beds, in rows, in between vegetables or container gardens. It can also grow inside the house in pots if you want to keep mosquitoes out of your house.

3. Lemongrass

Containing citronella, a natural oil repelling mosquitoes, lemongrass is a great pest controller and a very nice herb to keep around the house for cooking purposes. It is typically grown as an annual and develops well in average soil – however, it should be well-drained and in full sun. Our lawn care Maineville, OH experts and landscaping Mason, OH specialists say that lemongrass thrives in beautiful container gardens, so you shouldn’t have problems in growing it and using it as a mosquito repellant and a lemony addition to your Italian or Asian cuisine.

4. Mint

No matter what mint type you choose – wild or cultivated – mint is an incredible mosquito repellant and a great herb to use in cooking. It makes a great companion plant for other vegetables in your garden and adds a tantalizing scent to your overall landscape. It is sturdy and resilient and grows almost in any type of soil. Spice up your summer salads and get rid of mosquitoes for good!

5. Rosemary

Rosemary can be used to contain even a severe mosquito infestation, our lawn care Maineville, TX experts say. Our flower service Mason, TX specialists recommend you to plant rosemary in between flower rows and in flower beds, around the vegetable garden or in container gardens as well. It spices up many types of dishes, goes great in salads and works as an herbal remedy for many health issues.