An efficient fertilization plan offered by your local lawn care Maineville, OH specialists has no rival. However, experts also know that the overuse of store-bought fertilizers can be detrimental to your soil and plants on the long term. The use of organic, home-made fertilizers is also environmentally friendly. The eco-gardening trends are becoming more and more popular every day and even specialized lawn care companies advise homeowners to alternate chemical fertilizers with organic ones, to lower the environmental stress.

You can try making some fertilizers on your own, with several products you already have in the kitchen or bathroom. Some of these fertilizers also work as pest repellents, so let’s see the top five home-made organic fertilizers lawn care Maineville, OH experts recommend.

1. Banana Peals

Bananas are some of the best potassium providers for humans and… plants. Place banana peels under the mulch layer, to make a natural compost, or just burry them in the holes when you plant new flowers and vegetables. This natural source of potassium helps plants (roses especially) and vegetables to resist disease, grow stronger and manage a pest infestation successfully.

2. Coffee Grounds

Collect coffee grounds and wait for them to dry. Spread a thin layer of the grounds around flowers, fruit trees or vegetables. Coffee grounds contain nitrogen, phosphoric acid and potassium in appreciable levels. They do wonders to many berries, but also flowers and evergreen plants. You can also use the wet version, by mixing coffee grounds with a bucket of water and letting it sit for 48 hours. Stir and water the soil around plants with the liquid.

3. Egg Shells

There are plenty of lawn care Lebanon, OH experts just loving egg shells as both fertilizer and pest control measure. Egg shells contain a lot of calcium – perfect for the roots’ growing tips. Washed and powdered egg shells make a natural nourishment for many vegetables (tomatoes in general), but also flowers and grasses. If you just crush them and spread them around veggies and plants, you will successfully keep slugs and snails far from your crops.

4. Epsom Salt

Epsom Salt can be used a dozen ways, but since we are talking about lawn care Maineville, OH tips, let’s see what this product can do for your lawn and garden. It mainly acts like a fertilizer, as it contains magnesium and sulfur – spray a gallon of water containing a tablespoon of Epsom Salt directly on foliage and enjoy the results. Sprayed on fruit trees, bushes, vines and fruity shrubs, it helps the fruits become sweeter. It also acts as a pest repellent.

5. Gelatin

Yes, the same gelatin you use for making sweets and cakes. Lawn care Loveland, OH experts advise us to use one pack of gelatin dissolved in one cup of hot water and three cups of cold water. Poured directly to the soil around plants, the mixture gives your flowers and veggies a good source of nitrogen.