Trustworthy Lawn Care West Chester OH

Lawn Care West Chester OHBeing able to trust your service provider with the job you contracted them for is very important, especially when that job involves dealing with your property, a pretty sensitive place for most American citizens today. A well-kept lawn and a beautiful and properly maintained landscape are most than just an esthetic fad, and instead they’re a sign that tidy people actively inhabit the place at the time, making it a home rather than just a house. Not to mention that a property’s value on the real estate market visibly goes up after a landscape make-over or simply when the lawn is well-manicured (this is known as the curb value effect). So for all purposes, a trustworthy lawn care West Chester OH company can be quite a valuable find, but also a rare one unfortunately. We’ve all heard stories of sheer disappointment in this field of service, so we won’t waste your time evoking tales of withered lawns and chemically burnt soil beds.

The point we should be making instead is that we understand trusting a new lawn care West Chester OH service provider with your property can be hard after you’ve been let down once or twice. But we at Degree Lawn & Landscape come to you now, offering simply the best lawn and landscape service you could possibly want. As for helping you trust us, that is precisely the reason for which we offer a 100% Iron Clad “Your Money Back” customer Satisfaction Guaranteesatisfaction guarantee which no other local company can promise. The reason behind this strategy is the simple fact that we know our service is reliable enough to be able to afford giving out such a guarantee. Though we are a local venture founded in 1991 with no desire to expand beyond the local level, precisely because we strive to maintain a firm presence in the community, we are in fact a pretty large company. We have 35 employees during the warm season, which is much more than the average lawn care company and we are certified and insured with the State of Ohio for a wide range of operations, hence the rich service offer.

The Services We Perform for Our Clients

Our range of services cover everything from basic lawn care activities to keep the turf lush and green, and delving into complex tasks such as landscape design and the installations and maintenance activities that come with it. Our experts and working crew receive continuous training to be able to provide you with such advanced services, and if making your property truly beautiful for an affordable price is what you want, in this case you should definitely give us a call. Here’s just a short excerpt of what we can do for you:

  • A professional lawn mowing service (trust us, you can see the difference);
  • Spring and fall clean-ups;
  • Turf core aeration;
  • Turf renovation and over-seeding, upon need and request;
  • A customized fertilization and weed control program for each case;
  • Annual Floral Displays (Spring, Summer & Fall color rotation) to bring variation into your yard;
  • Premium hardwood mulch installation and its maintenance;
  • Ornamental Tree and Shrub Pruning;
  • Landscape Design and Installation, based on the client’s wishes and original designs;
  • An Ornamental Tree & Shrub Removal & Replacement tailored for each client’s needs;
  • An Ornamental Shrub &Tree Care Program to maintain the existing trees and shrubs;
  • An Emerald Ash Borer Prevention & Treatment Program;
  • Commercial Snow and Ice Management for whoever is interested in going spectacular during the cold season.