Is October a good month to engage in lawn care, landscaping and gardening activities? Can one actually talk about lawn care this time of year? The answer is yes: October is the perfect month to go outside, enjoy the weather (until it doesn’t become too crisp) and engage in all necessary tasks, as they are many and time is of the essence. Our lawn care Lebanon, OH specialists have come here today with a list of chores and tasks you should put on your to do list.

Lawn Care

  • If you have a windy fall on your hands or if rain is unsatisfactory, you should keep watering the property;
  • You can give your lawn one last cut before winter, but have your lawn care Lebanon, OH specialists assess the situation.
  • You can still sow Kentucky bluegrass and fine fescue seed but you should do it before the end of the month. You can still apply sod, but until of the month as well.
  • In case you didn’t already, you can begin aeration and overseeding procedures, as you still have time until the end of the month. If the temperatures drop, you will have to wait until spring.
  • Rake the fallen leaves and turn them into mulch to further nourish and protect your soil; don’t leave piles or thick layers of dead leaves on the ground, it will only invite pests and diseases to take over the place.
  • Apply compost on the lawn in case you didn’t already and make sure you evenly cover the turf with a ¼ inch layer of fresh compost.


  • Spring-flowering bulbs can still be planted this time of year before the temperatures drop and the ground freezes.
  • Remove fading summer annuals and use them to enrich your compost pile.
  • Tender perennials or exotic vegetation should be brought inside the house for more protection. However, before you bring them in, check the potted plants for pests, as scale and whiteflies are a serious problem.
  • Trim the trees and the shrubs that touch the house roof or sidings.
  • Have your lawn care Lebanon, OH specialists and the landscaping, OH experts come down and plant new trees and shrubs, remove trees and shrubs or transplant trees and shrubs on the property.
  • You can also plant some flowery flowers to burst with color in spring.
  • When you prune the trees and shrubs, make sure this is the correct season / month for each and every plant.
  • Keep your flower beds and turf borders clean.
  • Use ground covers and different types of mulches to protect the trees from cold and keep them safe from pests or wildlife.

Pest Control

  • Late season white grubs may be a problem, as they emerge in late October, but have your pest control specialists come over and assess the situation. Beneficial nematodes and some tailored chemical treatments can solve the problem quite fast.


  • This is a pretty good time to plant some vegetables, herbs and spices to enjoy a boost of freshness next year. Parsley, cilantro and garlic can be planted this time of month, together with radishes, spinach, turnips and leaf lettuce.