Homeowners who have hedges to border their properties but want even more privacy could and should consider privacy plants. With their thick foliage and tall heights, privacy plants offer more than a shield between you and prying eyes, but also shadow, coolness, oxygen, and color. Today, our landscape experts in Liberty Township, OH, are here to talk about privacy plants. Our hedge & shrub trimming service providers in Liberty Township, OH, will also discuss a few things about these plants’ maintenance.

1. Arborvitae

According to our landscaping service company in Liberty Township, OH, arborvitae is one of the most popular living privacy fences to add to your property. If you want help planting them, our experts in landscape installation in Liberty Township, OH, recommend you space the plants correctly and use our hedge & shrub trimming service to keep them neat and healthy. Arborvitae fares well in moist soils and is hardy in cold temperatures. It needs little maintenance and can grow very tall. Our landscaping design experts in Liberty Township, OH, recommend you consider the mature height and width of the arborvitae species you want to add to your property before you start planting them.

2. Skip Laurel

Another popular living privacy fence, skip laurel, will enchant you not only with its dense, dark-green foliage but also with its delicate flowers. Our hedge, shrub & tree trimming experts in Liberty Township, OH, advise you to trim, prune, and shape skip laurels annually. These dense evergreen privacy plants can reach 10 feet in height, providing your landscape with shielding, shade, color, texture, and scent. Remember that you need to ask your local landscape installation experts in Liberty Township, OH, to plant the laurels on the sunniest side of your property. Skip laurel loves well-drained soil and will reward you with blooms in spring.

3. Holly

Holly comes in many varieties, all excellent choices as privacy fences or screens. Our landscape installation company in Liberty Township, OH, recommends either tall trees or dense shrubs, depending on your needs. Holly trees need regular pruning and trimming to provide you with the thick backdrops you need. If you do not know when or how to tend to your holly trees/shrubs, our hedge, shrub & tree trimming Liberty Township, OH experts can offer their services.

Other excellent living privacy plants include hicks yew and red twig dogwood. If you want more information on such landscape installation ideas, ask our landscaping experts in Liberty Township, OH, for their help!