One of the most annoying issues to deal with in summer is represented by weeds – all homeowners and gardeners know that. If you have weed-vulnerable plants or you grow vegetables and fruits, the issue becomes more serious, as weeds are known for inherently damaging crops. The use of fertilizers and weed killers or chemical treatments in summer is prohibited – the heat and the chemicals are a match made in hell for your soil, plants’ roots systems, turf, flowers and especially veggies and fruits – chemical weed killers also negatively impact the crops, making them inedible. This is why our lawn care Loveland, OH specialists are here today – they want to give you some tips on how to keep weeds at bay without stressing the soil, the vegetation and the crops.

Mulch Carefully

We have talked about mulching and its benefits before, but today we will take a closer look at mulch as a weed-specialized defensive system.

  • Moist mulch – perfect as a natural fertilizer and soil cover, moist mulch can indirectly help you combat weeds as it strengthens the plants to be able to fight on their own. Being kept cool and nourished, the roots systems can become more resilient to a weeds sprouting burst.
  • Dry mulch – hard and mostly woody, dry mulch has little fertilization properties, but it can become a natural physical barrier against weeds that randomly sprout and spread around your property.
  • Synthetic or inorganic mulch – you can buy synthetic mulch from a specialized store or ask your lawn care Loveland, OH install such inorganic layer to protect trees, shrubs, flowers and vegetables. Synthetic mulch can take the shape of a plastic layer or a landscape fabric. It can also be come as a stone / gravel ground cover that physically stops weeds from reaching the protected vegetation.

Let Sleeping Weeds Lie

This may sound like a paradox, but we are talking about dormant weeds and weed seeds that didn’t sprout yet. If you can pull some weeds and maintain your lawn and garden clean and safe, you should refrain from awakening the weed seeds that sleep in the soil. Those weeds can’t wait for the proper conditions to be met to pop up their ugly heads and infect everything overnight – but you can keep them from doing so.

Our lawn care Loveland, OH experts recommend you to refrain from aggressive and intensive cultivation activities – dethatching, aeration, digging, plantation, and removals only disturb the weeds. If they get air, sunlight, and moist they will germinate. Our lawn care Loveland, OH experts recommend you to carefully trade when it comes to cultivation tasks and always have a team of experts perform such activities for you – they know how to water, nourish, aerate, mow and plant without awakening the killers inside the soil.

According to our lawn care Loveland, OH team, you can also keep weeds at bay by controlling the potted plants you bring home from the nursery – many pots contain weed seeds that can germinate under the proper conditions. If you want to revamp your landscape in summer, ask your local experts to help you choose the best potted plants.