Lawn care is a year round process for Mason, Ohio residents. A lot of the most popular turf grass types growing in this part of the country call for attention all year-round to be able to stay in their healthiest form and their best appearance. Among the key tasks that property owners must carefully accomplish on a constant basis is mowing the lawn. Especially if they want to get that lavish, trimmed look that everyone is hoping to achieve. But mowing is just one thing, here are a few tips for lawn care you could use during the winter season.

Increase mowing height. You have to adjust the height of your mower up a notch, if you have Zoysia or Bermuda which are of the warm season grass type. Ask a lawn care Mason OH qualified professional for advice when you are not sure about what type of grass you have on your lawn or if you are not certain about the correct height in mowing in the winter.

Keep your lawn leaf-free. Your turf grass can be damaged as well as disease can spread if you have too much leaf coverage on your lawn. As a matter of fact, you should make clearing the leaves off your lawn a regular habit all throughout the year to achieve your turf grass’s optimal health.

Apply soil amendments. In conditioning your soil with an amendment, winter is actually the perfect time. A soil amendment is simply a product added to the soil to make it more habitable for grass, trees as well as other plants. This product is really helpful in barren areas or those that have thin layer of grass.

Improve your landscape. Tackling a variety of small landscaping projects? Winter is actually the ideal time for this because of the cooler temperatures outside. You should try laying new mulch, installing a dry stream bed for better water drainage, plant new shrubs, and more.

Take note of all the strategies you have employed in taking care of your precious lawn. From the successes and failures, the changes in your lawn, to the things that you used and how you scheduled all your lawn care activities. Doing so will help you stay in total control over the development of your lawn and you will know exactly what works and what does not. Those people who do not forget that lawn care is actually a year-round responsibility are those that normally have lawns that are lush and beautiful.